dav3du22190 got promoted to €100 Spin & Go's!

Our French member has finally reached the top!

Our French hero is shining bright as this is a truly joyful moment!

dav3du22190 has finally reached the highest Spin & Go's stakes, achieving great results while doing so!



This is his graph since April and it shows an incredible 66 cEV over 5,680 games at the €50 Spin & Go's!

Congratulations for reaching these stakes, dav3du22190! This is definitely a dream come true and we can't leave it without getting to know more about this achievement from our member himself:

I'm really happy to be finally at 100s level! I'm very excited to start playing at the highest level of Spin&Go. It was always my main goal from the beginning when I joined Smart Spin, so it's a great feeling!

But to be honest I was expecting to arrive here quicker. I started my journey with Smart Spin in March 2016 at €10's, quickly moved up to €25's then by the Summer I was playing €50's, everything went pretty quick at the beginning and I thought I would get to €100's within a few months after that, but it was a bit more complicated than that. €50's were quite reggy at that time, my game vs regs wasn't good enough to handle them so I was asked to move down temporarily. And it lasted a few months because of my unconsistent volume. Another factor was the quite strict promotion requirement, which was sometimes frustrating but on the other hand it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and work harder, thanks Banis =D

I think the turning point was the last Smart League, when my team mates of Sandy Rivers were very motivated it gave me an extra boost to grind. I also improved my game with the help of WOLLE83 and DARKORNOT as captains and coaches and managed to come back to €50's and the reg games. To that last point I have to thank my study partner VHERRERAL with whom I work twice a week, he helps me to feel more confident in my game, especially vs regs.

Money is the main factor for me, but even if I don't play for the glory it's still a very nice feeling to be among the top players, it's like playing the Champions League of Spin & Go, haha. That's how I explain buy-in levels to my friends and family when they ask me. It also means I will get top coaches or maybe even founders for my next Take & Share coachings which are highly valuable! I will also feel more confident to talk with other €100's players. And finally it means I need to set up a new long-term goal for my poker journey!

Next step is to stay at €100s and be able to play them at all times of the day, it won't be easy. With 7% rake and the new RB system it's really hard to win with a decent ROI% when the best regs are playing. So at the beginning my plan is to choose my hours and of course to keep improving my game. In Smart Spin we've got some very talented players and I know I'm still far from being as good as they are, but hopefully I will be able to exchange ideas more often with them now!

About life, my next plan is to buy an apartment to secure my life and travel the world to enjoy it! I wanted to come to the next Smart Spin Community Live Event to meet all my colleagues but I didn't allow myself as promotion was my priority. I'm afraid it's too late, anyway, see you at the next one!

Good luck at the €100 Spin & Go's and see you at the next Live Event!

And we encourage our readers to learn more about dav3du22190's life and his road to the highest stakes:

Interview with dav3du22190 - this is a story about money, freedom and courage


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23/07/2017 23:05:00

Félicitations ! J'espère avoir le même parcours :)

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