Did you check out those videos in November?

We sum up the goodies from our video library!

For many of you, November has been a difficult month. There were numerous additions to our strategy offer and with the games getting a little bit tougher, it's sometimes hard to stay on track with your improvement.

That's why we'd like to remind you what you were supposed to learn last month.

Enjoy this short summary, mostly addressed to $30+ poker players!


Becoming a professional

In the quest for your poker improvement, you may have forgotten about all the details that are not connected to strategy. Don't worry; we've got you covered! In the second mindset course created by whys0serious, we focused on becoming a more efficient person. It means building the right attitude, setting your goals, scheduling your day, establishing routines and resting correctly. It's a fully working 5-week course that will set you straight and help you reach your goals faster!


Playing on HU SB vs reg

In the newest addition to our strategy, we decided to talk about the essentials on (you would say) the most important position - HU SB! It's where we can truly shine and win games, that's why we can't be outclassed by other regular players. It's not that easy, but we discuss this subject in the following three videos created by Fetedlabiere and Darkornot. They know how to play against regs and made many fantastic contributions to our video library. We can tell you that by far, those three videos are the best they have ever recorded!


Constructing X/R range in BB vs BTN

Regular players start getting tricky and more common thing is witnessing them making 1bb cbet on the button. For some, it may look like a fish play, but it's been quite an effective action. In some situations, it's difficult to understand what they may be playing that way. Should we call, check or raise? How often should we check/raise in those spots? perez1187 will help you examine this situation in this video:


Playing with GS

Another difficult spot when we are playing against a regular opponent. Should we check/raise with marginal equity? Or do we check/call and check/fold on the turn unimproved? That seems like such a weak line! But is it correct? Check out in perez1187's video about playing with a gutshot:


Feeling like a Super Star

Smart Super Star is back! CuAt69UsdSng decided to make a video with one more successful poker player who is playing $100 Spin & Go's in Smart Spin. In just a year, he stormed through the stakes and became one of the top guys at $100's! Do you know who we are talking about? Learn more about his life and the approach towards poker!


Cbetting with a middle or bottom pair

Bottom and medium pairs are tricky to play. You have a made hand, but can you really get some value out of them? How do you behave on the later streets if you cbet and your opponent calls? Can you find two streets of value? What factors do you need to consider to make decisions not described by Crushfest? Check out in this live coaching recording!


Of course, there are more videos that are waiting for you. Check them out here:


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