Do you know when it's the right time to relax?

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Are you ready to enter The Zone?

Like every Sunday we are here to help you relax a little bit after your grinding session. We believe that every poker player needs to find a way to unload the tension that he accumulated during the game. If you don’t have enough inspiration, but at the same time you want to take advantage of the “Sunday mood”  we have some suggestions which will surely revive you a little bit.


What would you choose between a Glock and a MP-446 Viking?


A tactical shooting range is a very good option to get rid of the negative emotions. It helps you improve your focus and even if the target is just a silhouette drawn on a cardboard you will see that at the moment when the bullets will blow it you will feel an unexpected feeling of joy and satisfaction. You are a shark and like any shark you are always looking for a target. Now you have one!


Go on a survival camping trip!


This outdoor activity is the best pretext to gather your friends and start an adventure. You don’t have to venture too far. We are sure that you will find a forest or a place with some wild vegetation near you. The challenge is to experience again the feeling of sleeping in a tent under the clear sky away from your poker setup. It’s time for a reconnection with your self.


Plan a Vacation! For Real!


If you feel that you are too tired for an outdoor activity maybe the best way to forget about bad beats and lost flips is to temporarily focus on something else. Now that the summer is here we are sure that you think about going on a vacation. Just take a map of the world and start thinking of places that you want to visit. The thought that you have to grow your budget for going on a holiday will make return more motivated at your grinding session.


Enjoy this Sunday!



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