Do you know which hands to post for review?

It seems like an easy question... but it's not!

Why should you post hands on the forum?

Everyone knows that our hand review forum is just a goldmine. You've got top Spin & Go's players answering hands there, people who make thousands of dollars every month at $60 and $100 Spin & Go's. It's one of the greatest opportunities to ask those guys for some advice!

It's a great discussion tool as well. You know, there isn't always only one way to become a winning player. If it's not pure a mathematical concept, then you can exchange views with other people across all stakes. You can learn how they think and how the would adapt in your shoes. There are no perfect players and sometimes you teach them and sometimes you learn from them.


Right now we are closing to 20,000 solved hands, there are over 50,000 posts and over 5,000 posts from killuifuplay himself. That's quality!


We understand that some of you may not totally believe in this form of learning, taking into account your previous experiences with "free" models offered by some well-known online strategy sites or forums which are there to make a break even grinder out of you and just make you play more.

As you know, this is not the case here!

With so many awesome players answering hands on our forum, including our founder killuifuplay, we strive to give you the top quality strategy and make a winning player out of you. It's simple - we want you to win.

And while there may be some individual cases with the answer to a hand taking longer than our maximum of 24 hours, or some shorter explanations, every month we invest in making better content.

That's also why this guide has been created. Our crusher CuAt69UsdSng alongside our forum hero TexasBaton both decided to create this guide and show you how you should use our forum to the fullest!


We will show you the most commont mistakes of the hands our players posted recently and will try to give you insight into how it should be done correctly.


Let's begin!


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