Do you need rakeback?

Rakeback at poker is almost completely gone. Does it mean that it's no longer profitable to play poker?

During the summer of 2017, PokerStars, the largest poker site in the world, has completely remodeled its rakeback system and cut down rakeback numbers to such small numbers that today, it's hardly noticeable in your poker bankroll.

For sure, it was not good news for all poker players who were playing on PokerStars. Rakeback was often a big part of their winnings, and it was a big hit in their wallets. We are sure that many of them tried to search on Google "best rakeback deals in poker", but their search was doomed to fail. We are now in a no-rakeback era.

However, there were some good things about this rakeback change on PokerStars, believe it or not, and we are going to show them to you.

Bad regs stopped playing or dropped down

Some of the people who were affected the most by this change were big multi-tablers and rakeback grinders. For them, having, let's say, 48 cEV at $15 Spin & Go's was good enough. That number was not hard to obtain even by adding more and more tables to your game. They were doing massive volume and making probably 150-250 EV buy-ins per month after rakeback. Still, it wasn't easy to play around 3,000 or 4,000 tournaments, month after month. However, they were driven by short-term thinking and choosing an easy way, as we will explain later.

Then, we had marginal winners who were playing too high and didn't have enough skills to stay at those stakes without a rakeback. Rakeback was something that saved them while running through ups and downs of variance and having a breakeven EV. They could have been hoping for hitting that miraculous jackpot at Spin and Go's, after which they would just stop playing altogether. That was not good thinking as well.

A lot of them had to change their way of thinking. The bad thing for them is that they had no idea what they were doing wrong. Otherwise, they might have figured it out sooner.

Some of them could have changed their ways after realizing what they were doing wrong. Some of them probably changed the format or stopped playing at all. But most of them thought that they will survive and kept on doing the same over and over again.

You know what insanity is, right?

More of our members understood the importance of studying

During the memorable summer of 2017, we were here for our players and we advocated strongly for them to change their ways. The days of rakeback were gone on the biggest poker site in the world and we thought that the competition would follow them soon.

Do you remember our multi-tabler from the previous paragraph?

He was achieving 48 cEV at $15 Spin & Go's and making money on rakeback. It was not the best rakeback in poker, but he made money anyway. Do you realize what happened when the rakeback was gone? Our members were the first who were warned that the learning process does not stop at $15's, $30's or $60's. It never stops.

They stomped over bad regs and started earning more than we could have ever imagined. Our strategy was already adjusted to the newest changes because, as we often have proved, we like to lead the way in the Spin n Go industry. We witnessed more study groups and strategy discussions than ever before. On every occasion, our coaches and founders emphasized the importance of learning new things every day, both in poker and life. Many of our members who are now paying $100 or $500 Spin & Go's, a year ago they were breakeven regs at $15's, $30's and $60's. No one was looking for "best rakeback deals in poker" to keep on winning. Things have changed here and we are proud that so many of them started to pay even more attention to our learning materials.

And that's not a fable. In May of 2018, almost a year after the rakeback changes, we noted a record-breaking number of people who moved up in stakes that month. 90 people in total were promoted to the higher stakes and every month after rakeback cuts at PokerStars, we've been seeing more and more people getting their hands on learning and moving up in stakes - where can really make better money, instead of multi-tabling.

You can look for the best rakeback in poker, but we proved that you can win without rakeback.

We've got the best rakeback in poker

But not the one you may think of.

One part of our rakeback offer is playing on partypoker. Some people need that small incentive to play with rakeback and we've come up with such a solution for them, but we still emphasize the importance of quality over quantity. partypoker is one of the biggest poker rooms in the world and their latest addition of $500 Sit & Go HERO games (their equivalent of $500 Spin & Go's) has made them a good competition to PokerStars.

And second of all, we have the best VIP program in poker. It rewards our members for playing good poker, something which can be implemented only in the top poker school.

As your poker skill grows, you are being rewarded not only by going up in stakes, but you also get additional money for your making good volume and treating poker as a business. And if you are good enough, we've got even more rewards for you!

It is indeed the best VIP program in poker.

Join us and become a winning Spin & Go player... without a rakeback!



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