Path to happiness - enjoying the smallest things

Grasiu is telling you why being non-competitive works for him.

We are sure that you are eager to find out how is the life of one of the most charismatics players that we have in our team. He is a $100 Spin & Go player and a man who has a lot to say about how to enjoy life. Grasiu’s lifestyle can be a source of inspiration for many of us. This guy is like an open book and he knows how to enjoy even the smallest things. Maybe we should all try this once in a while.

Enjoy Grasiu’s story and feel free to accept your emotions!


Saydana: Hello, hero! We are glad to have you again in the spotlight! How did you manage to earn such a good reputation and to be so popular among our players?

Grasiu: Curveball right from the start, huh? Honestly I haven’t thought about my reputation that much. I guess you earn reputation from two things: from results and from attitude. Results you get from constantly working on your game. They are a byproduct. When you manage to stop thinking about them and focus on the right things like learning, confidence, focus, satisfaction, results just come to you.

Attitude you get from constantly working on your life. Same as with skills and results. There is a small part kind of a starting point that you get from you genes, your childhood, etc. But where you end up is up to you. This is why, when iJustGamble asked me “What is one piece of advice that you want to share with the world?” I answered “Meditate more. And do drugs."

World Series of Poker Main at RIO, Las Vegas, US


Saydana: Please tell us how did you manage to have such a big chipEV at $100 Spin & Go’s? What are you doing different?

Grasiu: VS Fishes: Charts, Crushfest, not being afraid to overpot shove all-in with goods, avoiding Fancy Play Syndrome (Playing a simple, boring, winning game).

VS Regs: Charts, but just as a starting point, Shark Recipes, having a sensible and balanced game, being non-competitive (Yes! NON-competitive. Some people have an approach that they want to crush other players, own their souls, raise them 5 times in a row, etc. It’s good because it works for them, but I have a different approach and it is also good because it works for me. I mostly focus on my own game and making it solid and mathematically good. I don’t care that much about outplaying/owning my opponents).


Saydana: How was this Smart League season for you?

Grasiu: This was a really good period of time for me. I evolved a lot as a poker player. I got to a point where I am super confident about my game and this makes playing pleasurable and free of anxiety. I also became a Smart Spin Judge and I am expecting to be promoted as a Coach any moment. So things are working out for me. :)

 Smart League overall graph


Saydana: Congratulations for your achievements! What can you tell me about your Smart League team?

Grasiu: We had a very strong team. Three dedicated Captains and loose cannon Pokerzysta90 at the top. Our main captain Perez1187 was the absolute MVP of our team. He put in an insane amount of hours working with the team, preparing materials, coaching, creating tons of google documents for analysis and tracking. We had mid stake players who were very dedicated to get to the top and they appreciated the opportunity they were given. Our low stake players were actually pulling most weight a lot of them were advancing to higher stakes during the League and some of them even 2-3 levels.

Unfortunately we got a bit unlucky in the end. Some personal problems, some mistakes, some negative variance. The short term variance during the League is actually very volatile. I had some weeks where I made around $5,000 EV and I had some weeks where I had a slightly negative $EV. There is no need to be too put down by it. It happens.


Saydana: What advices do you have for other players that want to be part of Smart League?

Grasiu: Work on your poker skills. Work on your life. Don’t stress about neither of these, as Alpha Centauri is going to be ok anyways.


Saydana: What hobbies do you have beside poker? How do you spend your free time?

Grasiu: Before I get too Buddhist again and start talking about enjoying everything including sitting in a chair, washing dishes or watching the paint dry…let me talk about LARPs as they are a big thing for me. The acronym stands for Life Action Role-Playing game.

They are a form of role-playing game where participants physically act out their characters’ actions. They are often unscripted so the outcome of the game is not pre-determined and is dependent on players’ actions. They range from small private few-hour-long events with no costs and no costumes to huge ecstatic LARPs with hundredths of players and a whole castle rented for a weekend or more.

The Final Voyage

You can become an adept of Witcher school, an officer on a soviet atomic submarine, a civilian in a war torn country, a faun in Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Mr. Blue in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, a prisoner in Orwell’s 1984’s Ministry of Love…and many, many more.

Au revoir, Dogs!

Those are such amazing experiences, because if the LARP is of high quality, you actually start to feel emotions and think thoughts of your character. As you were that character for real. You obviously don’t get schizophrenia, you don’t forget that you are just a player enacting those. But the adrenaline, other hormones, dilemmas, feelings, thoughts...they feel real. And they are real. For our brain they are indistinguishable because it does not care where they came from.

Grasiu as Jost of Rinde

Same as with meditation and other things this allows you to look at the world from a completely different perspective, from a new point of view. Even if you just get a peek of the real situation while you are acting. And some of them, the lighter LARPs are just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. :) The LARP community is the best one I’ve encountered in my life.


Saydana: What non-poker related activity would you recommend for our players?

Grasiu: Meditate more. Be sex positive. Workout. Play LARPs. And do drugs. I shouldn’t be openly saying that last one so often, should I? :)


Saydana: What other new achievements do you have? Do you have some crazy future plans?

Grasiu: I’m not that much into achievements. I’m into enjoying what is happening in the now. I have poker, I have LARPs, I have three lovely girlfriends, I have a bunch of awesome nerdy friends to hang out with. This is basically what my life revolves around nowadays. :) And the summer is coming so as usual Przystanek Alaska is also coming.

Przystanek Alaska

Saydana: I know that you have three lovely girlfriends. I think that our readers want to know more about your polyamorous experience. How do you handle this situation? I mean practically?

Grasiu: I have to think how much I want to share. And how. Because for me it is not something strange or something to handle. It is like having friends. Or like having a family. Just a normal part of my life. It is like having three children. Or having three brothers/sisters. How do you handle that? I don’t know. You just do. :)


Saydana: Are you living together?

Grasiu: No. Two of them have other partners too. And some of those partners have other partners. This tree grows quite quickly. So for living together we would need like a hotel or something. I actually wouldn’t mind that happening someday. A hotel is a bit too much, but maybe a tenement house…Why not? :)


Saydana: Do their partners know about you?

Grasiu: Yes, obviously. They know about me. In polyamory people know about each other’s relations and emotional lives. This is the basis of this whole thing. Being open and honest about everything. It’s good to have such an approach not only in relationships, but in life in general. It creates an amazing way of experiencing it- very deeply and very truly.


Saydana: I am very curious if your girlfriends are of different nationalities.

Grasiu: They are all Polish, but I also have subtler relationships with other girls and I don’t call them “my girlfriends”. They come from different countries. But then again…this “girlfriend” thing is just a label. We use it for convenience for communicating with people who are used to the standard model of being in a relationship.  Among ourselves we don’t need it. I just have in my life people who are close to me. With some of them I cuddle in clothes. With some of them I cuddle without clothes. And with some of them I don’t cuddle at all. And that’s it. This model might not work for some, and it is ok, but for me it works perfectly. And that is the message I am usually trying to convey – different things work for different people.

Tam Coc, Vietnam

Saydana: I really like that you are an open-minded guy with a relaxed attitude. I think everyone of us needs to have some “uncommon things” in their lives. Do you have any other final thought for our readers?

Grasiu: Meditate more. Be sex positive. Workout. Play LA... Fuck, I’m getting repetitive again, ain’t I? :)

Saydana: It was a pleasure talking to you! See you next time! :)


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