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Smart League is our football-themed promotion which gathers top Smart Spin members and places them in the teams playing against each other.

It's already the third season of Smart League. We are running it to make Spin & Go's even more fun and exciting, to add some extra incentive for playing solid volume, to give our members the opportunity to work with other great players and meet more people from our community!

As you know, we have 14 teams with 16 players in each team. The 14 teams were divided into 2 groups: group A and group B, and in each group, we have 7 teams. Right now, we are in the group phase, where every team plays 6 matches, but because there is an odd number of teams in each group, there are 7 rounds. Each team pauses in 1 round – the Pause team. (Read more about the rules of Smart League 3.0).


Welcome to the standings after four rounds of Smart League!

Not much has changed in the top tier as it is a fascinating battle for the first place between CuAt69UsdSng and imbaskadi.

In the Elite group, it is still a fight between CiegoDosta19 and Trosauskas. It's interesting how this will play out as both of them have already reached the results of the top members of the Diamond division.

In the Plus group, imjubei2 lost his lead to Gwander from the Super Team. You can tell that he is an extraordinary player who got into a team with a proper name.

In the Starter group, radeka2233 still leads the way as we already knew he will be one of the top players there!

The top prospect is still Chill_Panda who is just casually eating bamboo and destroying his opponents at the tables. Thankfully, this one is not threatened with extinction!


Note: Dots near the nicknames mean that at the end of the league, this particular position will be rewarded with the ticket to our Live Event!


Good luck in the next rounds!


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