domazpl: "I definitely couldn't achieve it without Smart Spin"

We are happy to introduce a former MTT player who started from $7's and now is playing $100's!

domazpl was a successful MTT player with many 5-digit wins, but last year he decided to turn his attention to Spin & Go's.

He started humbly - at $7's - and last week he joined our unique group of members who moved all the way up to $100's!

Why did he change the format he was good at? What lead to this decision? What does he think about the current condition of MTT's?

Read about a man who turned his birthday party into a 700-people music festival and who a few months ago won the biggest possible multiplier at $15 Spin & Go!



Smart Spin: Hello domazpl! Congratulations - you recently joined our Diamond group and you are another Smart Spin member who moved up all the way from $7's to $100's. How do you feel?

domazpl: It feels really great! It was my goal from the beginning of the Spin and Go journey and I finally achieved it. Next goal is to settle down on the highest stakes and then crush them.


Smart Spin: Before Spins, you were a successful MTT player. I think I followed your wins since 2014 and they were not just some kind of 1k-ish, 2k-ish paydays. As I recall, there were many wins around $10,000, so that's really something. But something happened, a decision was made to change your main format. Why?

domazpl: Yeah, I had a couple over 10k scores and also a 45k-miniFTOPS ship. I had also some minor live successes like winning some tourneys on the Czech poker circuit (I moved to Prague about two years ago) or cashing in an EPT. But in the late 2014 and the first half of 2015 I had a major five-digit downswing and started looking for an alternative. I joined Smart Spin in June and never looked back! It was a great decision. I still like playing MTT's and play them occasionally both live and online, but now I feel my edge over standard MTT players is way bigger than when it used to be before I joined Smart Spin.


Smart Spin: I am sorry to hear about your downswing. But would you mind to give us a little more information about it? Why did that happen?

domazpl: Variance in MTT's is just enormous. This plus the fact that I played some sort of a B-game led to the downswing. I had so many semi-ft scores in major tournaments that it was hard to believe after busting another 50k$ 1st prize tournament in 10th place :)

miniFTOPS win
miniFTOPS win


Smart Spin: I'm curious - how do you like the Czech Republic so far?

domazpl: It's a nice place to live. There is a lot more freedom than in Poland and it's very close to my country, so it's perfect for me because I still need to visit my hometown from time to time. Places like Thailand are also awesome for grinding, but it's a bigger problem if you have to come back for some reason. We have a lively live poker scene here, which is a big plus comparing to Poland and by other freedoms, well I think everyone knows what i mean :) Food is good, prices are reasonable, so generally I can recommend it to any poker player.


Smart Spin: So, do you still find some time to add MTT session to your schedule?

domazpl: I don't mix MTTs with Spin & Go's. The level of focus needed on the highest stakes of Spins just doesn't allow that. Rarely I play a small Sunday MTT session and I play also during SCOOP/WCOOP. I travel for some big live tourneys as well and might do that more often in the upcoming months.


Smart Spin: And, quoting you, what took you so long to get to the highest stakes of Spin & Go's?

domazpl: Well that's not an easy question. I think I had to rebuild my whole approach to poker. I think MTT players don't work enough on their game and if they do, they often do it in the wrong way. In Smart Spin I could experience how it is done by the best in the business and I learned quickly. Playing tens of thousands HU games within the first couple months of Spins improved my game way more than all those years playing MTTs, playing vs tight ranges and clicking fold button all the time :) Looking back when I was a tournament player I see myself as a quite a fishball :)

Coming back to Spins, I moved up to $60's pretty quickly, but then I had a rough month or two and had to work on my game vs regs a lot. I came back stronger, beat $60's for 0.6chips/hand vs regs and proceeded to spin the wheel of fortune at $100's :)

A win in the CZK10,000 High Roller at Masters České Pokerové Tour


Smart Spin: How did Smart Spin help you in that journey?

domazpl: Well, I definitely couldn't achieve it without joining the team. It was not even a matter of time, but the skill of learning as I mentioned. Coachings and private coaching with FCDplayer (cheers bro ), killuifuplay, iJustGamble and Bakudranski are golden and they improved my game vastly. Also, the team made me focus again on the mental part of the game which I feel at the highest stakes is a major factor. I had previously thought about my mental game as pretty solid, I'd done meditation etc. but after joining the team I found some serious leaks and I am on my path to eliminating them from my game.


Smart Spin: While moving up, you hit (back then) the highest possible multiplier at $15 Spin & Go and managed to win astonishing $45,000! But it was way before our editorial team started working at, so there is no news. Could you please tell us something about this tournament? What happened there, how you did you feel when the final card felt and you won it all? What thoughts crossed your mind?

domazpl: It was a great feeling :) I binked it when I was mixing $15's and $30's, cause of too big reg queues on $30's (SpinWizz times). I coolered a guy 3-handed, then lost TT<K2 in HU and came back eventually winning KQ<A7. After all these months it was a serious relief to finally bink a nice score. The EPT Barcelona was starting the very next day, so just literally after the win I booked a flight and on the next day I was in Spain playing with some extra cash I just earned:) Nevertheless, it wasn't the greatest trip as I got severely bitten by bedbugs that were in the Airbnb apartment we rented and didn't play my best poker. 


Smart Spin: Was it the same as winning a regular MTT?

domazpl: It was pretty similar, yeah. The adrenaline rush is there, although here it's even more condensed into these 10 minutes. When you go deep in a tournament, it's spread over couple of hours or even days.


Smart Spin: You've been playing poker for a long time now, and I can tell poker changed you, helped you realize some of your dreams. What's the biggest one?

domazpl: Yes, it's been around 9 years since I discovered poker and like 4-5 years I've been playing professionally. It definitely changed me, gave me a lot of freedom and I try to cherish it every day and remember how lucky I am :) As far as dreams are concerned, I realized some of them. The big multiplier helped me make a great trip to Jamaica with my lovely girlfriend who injected the love to the Jamaican spirit in me. You can see our trip here:

Big MTT wins back in the days let me make some epic parties, long remembered even among people that were not there. One of them is the beach party, where we put two tons of sand in our 3rd floor apartment, put a bar with free alcohol in the kitchen, hired some hostesses to give out some joints etc etc. You can watch a video from the party here:

And the freedom that poker gives me kind of lets me do the other big project of my life, a music festival that used to be my birthday party and now it is a 700-people festival involving not only great music but also many workshops and lectures from interesting people, funded by crowdfunding campaigns. I invite everyone to see and come - this year it's 8-10 June in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Smart Spin: Living life to the fullest! But how did you move from a birthday party to a 700-people festival?

domazpl: Well, I don't actually know! It just happened. I think me and my friends, we like the good parties, so we tried to make one and it worked. The fact that we know loads and loads of people who do something interesting helps a lot, because they give us many workshops, concerts for free. Just to give you some examples - the yoga of laugh (it exists!) was a big hit last year. It's about an hour of constant laugh - you feel great after that. Or a "massage" with Tibetan gongs, amazing for a hangover after the first day of the festival :) Basically, we try to be kind to people and help them anytime we can, and it sort comes back when we make the festival. Also after the 3rd edition we made a petition for a grant to our city council and we got it! So we can say that now our city sponsors our birthday party! Now tell me you are a baller, Just!


Smart Spin: What's left for you to achieve?

domazplPoker wise, I would like to be a decent winner on $100's and win a major MTT title WSOP/EPT/WPT/SCOOP/WCOOP. Life wise, I just want to lead a happy life, have a happy family and travel from time to time :)

Smart Spin: I love your goals and wish you good luck!


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16/05/2016 10:07:51

It's a pleasure to work with such a good player and interesting person. Cheers!


15/05/2016 16:50:46

Really amazing and inspirational life - great interview!

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