Don't be afraid of probes

A new video from our coach, Grasiu, is here for you.

We present to you another learning material from our coach, Grasiu.

In this video, Grasiu explains his theories about a specific situation: How to react when facing probes on the turn after our check back on the flop.

Facing probe is not that rare since it happens in 3 out of 10 hands in HU SB post flop. And also, it is a dynamic situation since all the decisions must be made considering both the opponent and the board.

Our coach teaches you how to learn and how to think for yourself also. He is showing you some examples which tell you how you can approach the game in the best way possible. His pieces of advice are priceless especially since he gives hand examples for when you meet both regulars and recreational opponents.

This video is for the higher stakes players, therefore it’s ok if you don’t understand it all at first. Take notes and watch the video a second time too.

Grasiu: Before watching this video, it is very important that you know very clearly some other aspects of HU SB, for example the cbet. And then you can follow this next step.




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