Founders' Diary V: Quality over quantity

Our founder Banis talks about the danger of playing too many tables at once.


Quality over quantity


It was one of the most discussed topics during our two-year long history. This results from the fact that more often than not you are playing too many tables at the same time, which negatively affects your cEV. That way you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck at a given stake, and all efforts to "force promotion ;)" come to nothing. This in turn gives rise to your discontent and anger, but sadly too often does not make you reflect - what am I actually doing wrong?


In almost all of my discussions about mindset, workflow, etc. I was mentioning an anecdote from my poker beginnings. It was probably 2009 (I can't remember precisely) where I was "climbing the stakes" and reached nl25 quite fast. These were the times when they said - 30BI?! It's even too much! - so just when I saw magical $750 in my cashier, I immediately sat at the nl25 tables.


I deposited money to the best poker soft in history - Full Tilt Poker. I received the maximal first deposit bonus ($600) and began my adventure with low stakes - nl25 are low stakes now, right? However, when I realised how slowly one makes a bonus on Full Rings while playing 6-9 tables, I decided to make this process faster and ran "one or two tables more". FTP limit back then was 16 tables. It is easy to guess that the same very day I was playing the maximal number of tables. Thanks to that I received the bonus quite fast. Unfortunately, despite the promotion being over, the habit remained - I continued playing 16 tables.


That way, I managed to get stuck at these stakes for about 700k hands, mindlessly clicking this limit for several months, being near break-even (or even with negative winrate) with 27% basic RB - at nl25 in 2009... :D


I remember clearly my astonishment, when after some time, due to various life complications, I "landed" at Unibet soft, where after meekly playing 4-6 tables I stormed to nl100/200. Sadly, when you are young, once burned is often not enough. Therefore, I would lie if I said, that during later years of my poker career I have never come back to playing abnormally high number of tables. After all you could play 24 of them on PokerStars! Sadly, each time the end result was the same, winrate sunk and I was stuck at the same stakes, and my self-consciousness was giving me signals that I should move down. Luckily for me, adjusting time was decreasing proportionately to my experience. Thanks to that my history ends with a happy ending - in 2013, the best yeas financially in my career, I was playing nl400-2k on all softs, and a correct number of tables! :)


What's the difference between then and today, and why you must adjust faster?


Once I estimated that lifetime, on all softs, I made a bit over $400,000 of rake. "In my times", both PokerStars and other softs were very generous to regs and appreciated our activity, more often than not making it possible to profits from rakeback make up for losses resulting from lower winrate. Unfortunately these times are gone - the era of high RB is over. Today we are living in a new era, which demands from its participants focusing on quality, not quantity, because it's your edge over the rest of the field, not the number of hands or spins played, that defines your potential earnings the most. Please remember that, dear reader.

by Banis



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