Fusion debuts on PokerStars. But why would you want to play a higher variance game?

This is not how you win money at poker!

Fusion found its way into the PokerStars lobby, and it's yet another new format introduced by the biggest poker room in the world.

Previously, we've seen Spin & Go Max (which is a lottery at this moment), Showtime Hold'em (which got removed from the lobby), Split Hold'em (also removed), and KO Poker (which somehow is still there when you open the software). All of these "innovative" games ended up in the big hole.

Will Fusion follow?


What's the issue with Fusion?

There are several vital points why this will be one of yet another failures, similar to the previously-mentioned Showtime Hold'em or Split Hold'em. We will keep it short:

  1. Variance is much higher. Players get an additional hole card on the flop, and on the turn. Stacking off with two pair on the flop may not be such a good idea anymore.
  2. It's more challenging to define ranges. You have no idea what happens when a passive player suddenly goes crazy on the turn. He can get any additional card. Trying to create a winning strategy here will be a nightmare.
  3. NLHE players have nothing to look for there. You end up on the turn with four cards. Think how much more edge the PLO players have.
  4. It doesn't bring new players. Here is the biggest issue with this format. Whether you like NLHE or PLO, you will stick to those formats. You may try Fusion just for fun, but a random person on the street will not enter poker because of it.
  5. It starts as a game full of "recreational" players, but it will soon follow the footsteps of Spin & Go's Max. Nothing more to add. Spin & Go's Max lasted three months before all the "recreational" players returned to regular Spins. When we speak about recreational players, we don't mean new players (as we described in the fourth point).
  6. PLO players have other, better games. Is that new information for you? Keep on reading then!


There are better markets and better games

We come out of the shadow following news of PokerStars introducing Fusion. If you are looking for better, softer games, and exciting new opportunities to earn money as you would in 2008, our team will provide you with access to them and the strategy from our successful PLO coaches!


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Going up the stakes is quicker with Smart Spin. This squad is still small, so an individual approach is something you will get here. Soon, we will also give you more details about the fantastic players who achieved this result.

If you don't want to wait and would like to get the access to the games which will beat Fusion by a long shot in terms of the number of recreational players, you can join us by sending an application to contact@smartspin.com where you will include:

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Forget about Fusion - if you are a PLO player, we will show you where to make money! We have a great offer for players of all stake levels.

And if you are not sure yet, stay tuned for more exclusive information about our team and their achievements!



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