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Smart Spin is the biggest poker school and at the same time, the biggest Spin & Go learning community where we give you the most comprehensive and detailed strategy about winning at Spin and Go's.

Joining our poker school is not difficult - you just need to have a little experience to be a winner at the lowest stakes. With our "Aspirant program", which is designed to get you out of the lowest Spin n Go's stakes called micro stakes, you can quickly become a member of our Spin n Go school!

But what if you just want to learn to play Spin & Go's? Or even more, you are new to the poker world?

We've got you covered! We are the biggest poker school, and we prepared enough strategy materials for you to handle these first steps at Spin and Go's.

In this article, you will learn about:

  1. Starting at poker and Spin & Go's,
  2. Receiving a free winning strategy for Spin & Go's,
  3. The bankroll management for Spin & Go's,
  4. Getting access to the more advanced Spin & Go's strategy,
  5. EXTRA: What about Spin & Go Max strategy?



Starting at poker and Spin & Go's

All of us remember taking the first steps into the wild world of poker and having almost no clue what we were doing. We spent years understanding the game, perfecting our playing styles and finally, winning millions of dollars at the tables.

Today, we can see that these first steps at poker were the most important ones. It took us a lot of time to understand how to root out the bad habits from the free, so-called, poker schools. The incorrectly set poker fundaments can make your whole strategy to crush, that's why getting the winning poker strategy earlier in your poker career can make you avoid a lot of costly mistakes.

What do you need to do to get access to the basic strategy? We recommend the tool we developed ourselves; your friendly, available 24/7 Spin n Go coach - Smart Coach, as we called it.

Before you hit that "Download" button given below, we want to tell you why we'd like you to have it. There are two important things about our tool: simplified Smart Spin's charts and introductory strategy videos.



Charts for Spin & Go's are something Smart Spin members use on a daily basis. We covered all available positions at Spin and Go's and created charts with the most profitable preflop actions for our members. It's a part of our winning strategy, and it's a big part of it. As a Smart Spin member, you get a full view of our default Spin n Go strategy which you can adjust to your own needs and opponents at the tables. In the basic version of Smart Coach, you will receive simplified Spin and Go charts which should be of great use at the lowest Spin and Go's stakes.

The second thing we mentioned is the "Learn" tab. Here, you get nine poker strategy videos which should introduce you to the basics of poker and Spin n Go's, but they also give you a view on more complex issues such as cbetting, facing cbet on the flop or learning more about variance. It's a great poker knowledge which you will definitely enjoy; these videos have been recorded this year (2018), and they talk about the current state of the poker game. Therefore, forget about all of these 10-year-old videos from other free "poker schools" and download now our own poker tool, Smart Coach:



Receiving a free winning strategy for Spin & Go's

We've got an experienced team of coaches and top Spin n Go players who share their winning Spin n Go strategy with you. Although an overwhelming number of Spin n& Go strategy materials are available only to Smart Spin members, we decided to share some of it with you for free.

How to get a free strategy for Spin and Go's? The first step is our Smart Coach tool, but we've already talked about it above, so let's move to the next ones.

Our YouTube channel is a great source of poker knowledge. Many of our coaches from the highest stakes have contributed there for the video library. You can find the general poker strategy for Spin and Go's games, as well as the strategy for certain hands which are fully described in a hand review videos by our coaches.

What's more, there are many fun videos where you can see our founders, former high stakes players, skirmish against other poker legends at the stakes as high as $5,000.

Subscribe to Smart Spin's YouTube channel today:


The bankroll management for Spin & Go's

Are you ready to play? We understand that you can't wait, but we'd like to talk a little about bankroll management.

If you got this far, you'd probably already watched our video on variance in Smart Coach. We also have an alternative in the form of an article where one of our main coaches perez1187 talks about overcoming variance.

He knows variance from all side as he encountered over $50,000 downswing during his poker career! That's such a big and unbelievable number! He lived through all the bad emotions and diminishing thoughts during that time that not many people will experience during their poker career. However, he went through this, and now he is here to teach our members about the necessity of improving at poker at all times, at all cost.

Moving on to the main question: what is the best bankroll management for Spin & Go's?

Spin & Go's can be cruel to players, as we already witnessed during all these years we spent teaching the members of our community how to play profitable poker. Losing 30 buy-ins in one day was not uncommon, and the harshest beating was closing to 75 buy-ins lost in one day; and this player was a winning regular at his stakes.

We love math, so let's add a little math to this. Did you know that if you are a $15 Spin and Go's player who is achieving 3% of EV ROI (expected return on investment), after 1,000 tournaments you have:

  • 20% chance to drain your bankroll if you've got only 50 buy-ins?
  • 35% chance to earn nothing or lose?
  • 50% chance to have a downswing greater than 50 buy-ins?
  • 70% chance to be breakeven for 400 games or more?

These numbers get you thinking. If you wanted to start your Spin n Go's journey with 50 buy-ins, you would have one in five chances to lose everything. In our experience, 100 buy-ins is a safe spot for the micro stakes (where Spin n Go's players tend to be not good at these games), but this number goes up significantly when you decide to move to low, mid, or even high stakes.

We believe, that there is not one Spin and Go reg who's got enough bankroll to safely play $1,000 Spin and Go's.

(Well, except our members since they are playing with our bankroll. As we repeat in our advertisements: we pay, you play.)


Getting access to the more advanced Spin & Go's strategy

You probably understand where we are getting here.

We are confident to have the top strategy materials available at Spin & Go's. We've got over three years of experience in teaching our members how to reach the highest Spin & Go's stakes. We've got our own office on Malta where we invite top players to learn more about the most profitable Spin & Go strategy and share thoughts with their peers (it's true! check out the video below to learn more).

Additionally, our members get full staking which means they are using our money to play at the tables.

Do you remember the risk of losing 50 buy-ins? It's on us. We've got a huge bankroll which lets us participate in the biggest games the market has to offer right now, and none other stable or community can say the same.

This also means that we do not want you to lose money. Well, it's ours, right? We would be foolish to give you the bad strategy and let you lose our bankroll. That's why we strive to have the most profitable Spin and Go strategy on the market, and we keep regularly updating it to meet the newest trends and challenges. We've been ahead of our competition throughout the years, and we intend to stay as leaders for a very long time.

We welcome you to join us. You can check everything we've got to offer for free (and learn more about us).

But we believe we are the right choice for every Spin and Go player!


Get in touch with our recruitment team today and find out how you can join our team:



EXTRA: What about Spin & Go Max strategy?

You may have approached our site while looking for the winning Spin & Go Max strategy.

Spin and go Max is the variation of the regular Spin and Go format and at the beginning, it was quite attractive and, quite honestly, fun to play in such a game.

Smart Spin has been testing these games for awhile and while we believe you can win at Spin n Go Max, we discovered (through experience) that this format is inferior to its progenitor, the original Spin n Go's. There are five reasons of that.

  • Variance is much, much higher. Going down 100 buy-ins in one session was not something uncommon. The ups and downs you can encounter in preflop all-ins at the end of the game add an additional uncertainty to your results. Often enough, you need to hit a good multiplier, win it, and then pick a high reward for them to be profitable. At regular Spin and Go's, we don't need big multipliers to anticipate a good payday (although it's always sweet to get them, as an additional bonus).
  • You need to master many formats and types of the game. At the beginning of the Spin and Go max game, you draw a number of players you face, so you need to have many preflop strategies, depending on how many opponents you've got at the poker table. Then, there is a matter of drawing a prize which determines if your tournament will have ICM or not. That's one more thing to consider and although it looks fun to improve at all these things, it's much harder to master them entirely.
  • Too many regular players at $100's. The highest Spin & Go Max stakes are not that attractive for players. It's because they've got too many regulars and too little inexperienced players. It makes them so much harder and sometimes, even unprofitable as we move on to the next point...
  • Expected value is smaller. With $100's being full of regs, you will have a hard time making good results there. You can always count for some one shot, but it's just a lottery which you may never win at. Battling other regular players will make your EV go down a lot and compared to the regular Spin and Go's, Spin and Go Max are just not worth it.
  • You will hit ceiling much faster. It means that you will hit the maximum of your earning capabilities really quickly. At the regular Spin n Go's, our players make good money at $100's and there are still two more nosebleeds limits waiting for them: $500 and $1,000 Spin and Go's!

Taking it all into account, although a winning Spin & Go max strategy exists and we've been testing it with a group of former MTT and SnG players who know ICM, these games are less profitable than the regular Spin and Go's.

That's why here in Smart Spin, we focus solely on 3-max Spin n Go's... and we've been pretty good at them.



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