Grasiu: "It's totally unimportant what you do in life"

In November he was playing $3's, recently he moved to $100's. Find out how that happened!

Buckle up because it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you a man who in November was playing $3 Spin & Go's and at the beginning of March joined our Diamond members at $100 Spin & Go's!

It's been over 10 years since he started playing poker. He's been travelling around the world, visiting a lot of exotic places. He took part in the World Series of Poker and made friends with Faraz Jaka.

There is a lot to talk about, but let's just hear everything from the man himself:



Smart Spin: Thank you for agreeing for this interview Grasiu. First of all, let me congratulate you on reaching $100 Spin & Go's! In October you were playing at $3 and now you are our Diamond member, that's a huge accomplishment!

Grasiu: Thanks. I quite enjoyed the ride :)


Smart Spin: I think everyone wants me to ask this question: how did you move up through the stakes so fast? Do you have some kind of a super power?

Grasiu: Yeah, I have a superpower. Good thing is everyone can obtain this one. It's called experience. I started playing poker professionally in late 2005.

In my career I played full-ring and shorthanded cash games, 10 man and 6 man Sit & Go's, MTT's for a year, HUSNG's for 4 years, I even flirted with Omaha for a few months.

I have spent thousands of hours playing and analyzing poker. I don't know if I already crossed the proverbial 10,000 hours threshold, but I think I might have. So for me the last couple of months were mostly about recalling the knowledge. Especially that my favorite and most successful game were HUSNG's and that translates to Spins very well.



Smart Spin: I would be myself if I didn't ask you about your travels. I know you've been to Thailand, Mexico, USA, and few European countries. Which one is your favorite?

Grasiu: Ha, actually it's a place you have not mentioned. It's Bali, Indonesia. The island is absolutely magical. And I say it being a confirmed cynical atheist ;) The colors there are more vivid than you'd imagine possible, food's awesome, people are relaxed, views are amazing, beaches and the ocean are wonderful. I did a freediving course there and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

The runner-up would be Chiang-Mai in northern Thailand. It's an expat city with a variety of unusual personalities from all around the world and everyone is even more chill than in Indonesia.

In general, to anyone considering traveling, I would suggest to go somewhere outside Europe and North America (Mexico is NA also), cause they are all one and the same. The views, the places, the food... they are all nice. But the best thing in traveling is experiencing a different culture, different ways of thinking, completely different worldviews. For me personally it's most enjoyable in south-eastern Asia. I experienced cultural variety in Central America also, but SE Asia is the nuts. People are so easy-going it's hard to describe. You have to experience it. It might have something to do with Theravadan Buddhism being the primary religion there.



Smart Spin: So where do you live now?

Grasiu: I live in Gdansk, which is my home city. The traveling was amazing. I'm quite sure at some point in my life I will go on another few months long round-the-world trip. But I have so many people, who are close to me, here in northern Poland, that despite liking the Asian culture more, I choose to live here.

About 100km from Gdansk in polish wood area Bory Tucholskie is this place called "Przystanek Alaska", where I spend all my summer with some of the best people in the world.

To loosely translate a line from my favourite polish song Zrodlo - It's not the fetish of the borders that keeps me here, but the places and the friendships in those.


Smart Spin: People are very important for you. Do you have a family or a girlfriend?

Grasiu: I am polyamorous and at the moment I have a deep and intimate relationship with three different girls. You might call them my girlfriends. They know about each other, sometimes they hang out together, two of them are also poly and have other intimate partners in their lives.

For those, who never heard the word polyamory, to quote Wikipedia – Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, "many, several", and Latin amor, "love") is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships involving more than two people, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It has been described as "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy".

I could talk about polyamory for quite a while, but I don't want it to hijack our conversation. So for those who are interested in the topic, lets post links to a TED talk and a PDF paper, that describe the subject better than I would.



Smart Spin: I like to ask our players why they chose to play Spin & Go's. Their answers are telling a lot about their characters and general attitude towards life. So, why did you choose to play Spin & Go's?

Grasiu: Spin and Go's are the most profitable variant of on-line poker nowadays and I play poker to make money. Don't get me wrong... poker is a great game. A fun game, a competitive game, a mind-developing game. I really like it. But it's just a game and I don't have some grandeur reasons for playing it.

It's funny for me how some players in the community treat poker as it was so much more. As one's poker skills would determine what kind of person one is in general. I experienced a version of this phenomenon myself – when I used to write a blog, people were listening attentively to what I had to say about stuff absolutely unrelated to poker, just because I was crushing HUSNGs. And it always seemed very peculiar to me.

Let's remember there are great people, who suck at poker and there are also not-so-awesome people, who have exceptional poker skills. BTW the word poker in the last sentence can be substituted for many different ones.

So yeah, you were right, this question got me to tell a lot about my general attitude towards life, even if I got off the topic a bit :)

Grasiu Faraz Jaka


Smart Spin: You are a former high stakes player and it's difficult for me to understand why you started from the bottom. You also joined Smart Spin right away, not trying to reach the top by yourself.

Grasiu: Playing $3 Spin & Go's and joining Smart Spin were connected events. I'll get to that. Starting the story in November...

I had had a two year break from playing poker professionally. The games, same as for the previous years, had been getting tougher and tougher. So I decided that the best course of action for getting back in the saddle, was to not do it alone.

I don't buy into the corpo-talk we sometimes have in our company, saying that you can't succeed without being in a stable. You definitely can and being in a stable comes at a cost, but it's also definitely easier being in one – it provides materials, coachings, feedback, community, the list goes long. I chose Smart Spin, because quite clearly it's the best one out there.

So I applied to join, but one of the steps in the process is to provide recent poker results. And I had none. And my quite decent ones from two years ago didn't fit the template. So someone in the SmartSpin Recruitment team asked me to play 500 games at $3s to prove that I can play any poker and if I were to produce decent results, I would start at the $7s level.

Fortunately somewhere along killuifuplay overtook my application process. We never actually met, but he remembered me from my old HUSNG times and from my blog. He offered me to start the stake at $15's with some upfront higher stakes perks.

I started playing and learning, mostly regaining the old skills, but also gaining some new ones. And so it went: November $3's, December $15's, January $30's, February $60's and now I'm testing my strengths at $100's :) No sample yet, but I'm doing well.



Smart Spin: Did you think you would move up so fast? Was that your goal or were you maybe a little surprised?

Grasiu: I was a little surprised. I expected to move up fast, but not that fast. Funny thing is Killu seemed to know I would. From the beginning he kept telling me, he believed I would blitz through the stakes... Or maybe he was just giving me his encouragement talks and he hit his draw ;)


Smart Spin: What are your goals for 2016?

Grasiu: I don't think I have any "goals" per se. I might have one counter-goal, that is to have no goals, don’t treat anything too seriously and just to live in the moment :)

In western culture everyone seems to take themselves so seriously. To think that what they do is somehow so important. But it really isn't. In 200 years most likely nobody is gonna remember we even existed, the less care what small decisions or achievements we had in our lives. Oh, and by the way, Universe is about 13 800 000 000 years old. And 200 years is just 0.0000014% of that.

So it's totally unimportant what you do in life, it's totally unimportant how much chip ev you have, it's totally unimportant how much money you take away from poker. It may seem counter-intuitive, but paradoxically this approach is what helps me achieve the results I do achieve. Because this way I can simply do it the best way I can, without anger, or attachment, or what we poker players call tilt. Or at least with less of it.


Cause realizing that something is unimportant doesn't mean you don’t do it, or you do it badly. It means to do it with a healthy perspective. And this is how they make things done in the Buddhist countries.

To get a bit more down-to-earth, I don’t have goals, but I might say I have some (unimportant ;) plans for 2016. I plan to meditate more. I plan to listen to good music more. I plan to get to a level where I can 5-6 table comfortably with a decent 45+ cev winrate without getting fatigued too quickly. And now that I think of it I should probably add "to not get so metaphysical, when someone asks me a simple question" to the list. I will try to remember about that, if we happen to speak again ;)

Smart Spin: Thank you, Grasiu. I wish you good luck at the tables!


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Pepe Stevee

31/03/2016 09:15:05

Nice one ! :D hope to see you at $100s soon :D


31/03/2016 04:32:19

Really great interview. I have similiar problem with responding to simple questions. :D


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nice interview . I like a lot your attitude :)

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