So many big multipliers in November!

These great fights brought big rewards to our members!

Spin & Go format attracts people for various reasons and one of them is the presence of multipliers. You never know what you will get and the bigger the multiplier the better. Consistency and volume bring us closer to a big multiplier and some of our players put in a lot of hours this month and shipped a lot of dollars. See the names of the lucky ones here.



0Alien0 took down $3,000! In Smart Spin, nights are made for big victories and our player took advantages of that. 



This looked like a practice tournament for our player. We will never know if he knew he would win this, but it sure seemed like it because he fought with ease and confidence from the beginning to the end.



After a long tournament, the money went to a member of the Smart Spin community! We are proud of you, Abilityup! Nice to see you under the spotlight! Be proud of your work and enjoy your win. 



AndrosVas won $6,000 after a long fight against two strong opponents. He played well, with skill and brain power.



Our member proved that he was the best player in this tournament. FishFromSVK+ was the one who fought the best in this tournament and he took home the prize: $6,000.



Our player won two big multipliers at $60 Spin & Go's in November and you can see both of the battles by clicking the picture above. 

Fakeee1: The best way to win multipliers is to play a lot. Also, it is worth to add that when I played at PartyPoker I hit 1kx (in old structure there was weird 1000x, not 10000x like on p*) and unfortunately lost it and went away with nothing - 4 players structure, 4th place takes nothing. Maybe this is a little recovery?



It’s been a while seen we’ve seen a battle ferocious like this one. TomP147 crushed his opponents in this tournament and won this prize with glory.



Okurosaki wins $12,000. Watch this video and see his great tactics. This is a new way to show you the winning hands of our players. Enjoy!



Fredydruger won €80,000 in the jackpot at a €10 expresso tournament! This is an amazing prize won by one of our members and we are proud of his achievement! Read all about in the interview with our hero, fredydruger!


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