Choose your destination!

Cold or warm, what will you choose for this winter?

Being a poker player has some great advantages, you can change your location whenever you want! 

Since winter is here for most of us, you probably started thinking where is the best place to be during the cold season. And so did we! Here are our top 4 selections! 


A place where you can enjoy the cold and what to do there!

Some of you like the cold as it is! You feel comfortable in warm clothes and you like what the cold brings with it too: snow, winter sports, hot spicy drinks and gatherings around fireplaces. If you fit in this category here are some images for you!

The Bavarian Alps is a great place for skiing. You can also find areas with untouched snow through the forests!


 Poiana Brasov, Romania, has several ski slopes for you to try. Here you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding!


Canada, Germany, Austria, or whatever country with mountains you would choose, they will all offer you the possibility to climb beautiful and breathtaking walking track. This is also an opportunity to meet new people or build new experience with old friends!



Cold is not your thing, you prefer warm and sunny! 

If you like the warm weather more, then you need to choose one of the amazing beaches of this planet. Here you can find some of them. Enjoying this winter on an exotic beach with a cocktail in your hand can be the perfect place for you. When the sun is too high, you can also play some tables and then, in the afternoon, volleyball on the beach is another way to spend a good time!

This could be you in Costa Rica riding the waves like no other. Don't worry, you can still take some surfing lessons there!


 In Krabi, Thailand, is a land with more silence and peace. This kind of wide panoramas are the best!


Thailand beaches are remarcable. You can choose any place there and have a peacefull time while enjoying the sun.


 Warm or cold, what do you choose? It is your decision only! 



Let us help you enjoy this winter more! Apply to our school and start a new life!




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