How can you become a Smart Spin Partner?

We've got many career paths for our members, this is one of the highest ranked ones!

Smart Spin offers you much more than any other poker school.

Your progress doesn't have to end on getting to $100 Spin & Go's, there are many more paths to take, even during your journey there. We've got graphic designers, editors, videographers, different kinds of IT specialists and staff members who were previously regular Spin & Go players, but decided to get involved with various projects inside Smart Spin.

Today we'd like to give you insight into one of the highest ranked and most important roles:


Smart Spin Partner


It is a clear next step for every Smart Spin member (and definitely for a coach or a staff member) who shows dedication and willingness to get part in the improvement process of our team!



There are 3 levels of our Partner project:

  • Junior Partner
  • Partner
  • Senior Partner

The prestige which comes with these titles is not the only difference between them. The higher you go, the bigger share of our profit you can get. When you reach the highest status, you will receive a company share equity which means, in short, that you are becoming a Smart Spin shareholder.



Becoming a Partner comes with many benefits, but it's not that easy to get there!

We are looking for people who really want to give themselves over to this project, can come up with new ways of improving Smart Spin and are not afraid of taking intiative.

Breaking it down, you need to:

Be an active Smart Spin member.

Have a flawless opinion in poker world. We think that this goes without saying. It takes a lot of time to build up your reputation, but everything can go to waste in one day. We need to know that we can count on you!

Be a terrific poker player, proved by the long term results. You will sit at the top of our career ladder, you will be a role model to many young and even those a little more experienced poker players.

Take the initiative, be innovative and creative. This is one of the most difficult things on that list. A lot of people ask us "What should I do?" or "Who should I become to join you there?". Creativity takes a huge role in your everyday life. Anyone can do a job if you explain it to him step by step. Taking it to another level means that you have a better understanding of how to promote Smart Spin, what areas to cover and how to take care of our members. Big ideas change the world!

Build up the good spirit and help people in our community. We strive to make you the most comfortable in our community. Many of our projects have been helping us to create a good atmosphere and team spirit, we need our partners to continue that!

Promote our team. Be active in social media. Find new ways to tell people about Smart Spin. Show us some of your ideas to reach new heights!

This can be summarized with three words: give it all. Show us that you are active and that you care!



Managerial Equity Share. This is the main difference between a Partner and a Regional Manager. You will get a share from winnings of all newly introduced Smart Spin members! 

Premium Affiliate Deal. As a Partner, you will receive a higher % of their winnings which will help you with creating your own passive income. As long as the players you brought here will remain in our team, you will make profit.

Legal Support Within Company. We've got our own lawyer who graduated in Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in the world. You will definitely find his help valuable as he is a master in his profession.

Real Influence On Company. You will work closely with our founders and attend weekly meetings. This is a big opportunity to learn what's going on behind closed doors and have a real insight into many upcoming projects.

Access to Our Analysis Tools. Our Strategy Department can answer many of your questions, you will receive the access to our knowledge and highest level coachings called "Coach Dat Coach".

Full Social Media Support. We will help you make your first steps in social media. Creating and managing your own fanpages may be difficult, but we have enough man power to make it a lot easier for you!

Invitation to all Live Events. Twice a year we host a 3-day event in a 5-star hotel which is a great opportunity to meet the best Spin & Go's players and all people who were involved in process of making Smart Spin.

Personal Gifts and Gadgets. You will receive a set of gadgets from every major promotion we make and what's more, you will also have our help in making your own brand!

Priority in taking part in future promotions. As a veteran member, you will be able to skip all requirements or qualifications to our promotions. You don't have to worry that you will miss anything!



This new position is available to both the members of the strategy department as well as staff members. The partners program is being created especially for them. However in special cases, regular members who show exceptional excellence in all the requirements may also be considered.

Every single one of you can get involved in improving Smart Spin Team. We are the first poker company to implement such an innovative and groundbreaking program as we do want to reward people for their involvement. You will not get such a chance anywhere else.

Here, you can master the game and join us, first as a judge and then move to a coach role. You can also join our staff team and amaze us with your well-thought plan for innovating Smart Spin. Or you can do everything as a regular Smart Spin member.

There are many possibilities of going up in our ranks. We are seeking for people who believe in this project and are willing to join us in this journey. We just entered a crucial phase with the launch of Smart Backing and the help with Poker Fever Series. These are the two biggest projects you heard about recently, but there are many more to come.


Being a Partner is not something you can apply for, but we'd like you to see you here with us, while we are making next steps!

Soon we will reveal our first Partners! One of them is a man who joined us as a low stakes player and climbed all the way to the top!

Stay tuned!



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