Get to know our community better: How much do you know Romania?

Today, our Romanian players celebrate their country National Day!

Smart Spin is a multicultural community. We gathered poker players from lots of countries around the Globe. Our community hosts players from almost every continent. We are proud to have extended so much!

Today, we want to celebrate together with our Romanian players the National Day of their country! 

The 1st of December is a very important day for Romania and this year is even more special since they celebrate 100 years of existence as an independent state and unified territory!  


Happy National Day, Romania!


This country is very beautiful and by the end of this article, you will be as convinced as we are after doing some research.

The Romanian history is filled with lots of bravery acts which are remembered even to this day. The leaders who fought for their land to be unified as one country are celebrated also today. Hundreds of thousands of people go out today in the streets and watch the military parade. 

Everyone is holding a Romanian flag and most of them are singing the national anthem while they admire the military army costumes, guns and also the military tanks and airplanes.

The horses army are brave even on the streets of Bucharest, the capital of Romania!


The navy military representatives are also present at the celebration!


The military tanks are quite a view, especially sorrounded by so many national flags!



The geography of Romania is complex. You can find here mountains, plain lands, hills, a huge delta and also access to the sea. They have everything! The mountains host ski lopes, lots of hiking tracks and some incredible roads. You might have heard about the Danube Delta, the Transfagarasan Road, the Caraiman mountain, and so on.

The Transfagarasan Road is famous and it has appeared in one episode of Top Gear. They called it the greatest driving road of the world!


The Danube waters are ussually calm  and you can travel by ship all the way from Germany to Romania!


The Danube Delta reveals many species of birds, animals and insects that you don't see in other places.


Mountain panorama seen in Magura, Brasov region.



The architecture in Romanian has known many influences and the main buildings, especially in the big cities, are spectacular. Here you can see some of the Romanian Architectural Monuments and Castles: Bran Castle, Peles Castle, Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, National History Museum In Constanta, Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. The latter is said to the second biggest building in the world, after Pentagon.

Bran Castle is also known as Dracula's Castle! Yes, this is the one!


The beautiful Peles Castle in an autumn atmosphere.


The Corvin Castle situated in Hunedoara city.


Timisoara has also an amazing architectural example: the National History Museum.


Built during the Comunism, the Parliament building is huge and it takes around 4 hours to visit just 3 floors. The entire buiding has a total of 12 floors.



Smart Spin Romanian community is small yet but we are proud of every one of them and their work here. 

We take pride in every member of the Smart Spin school!  You can be one of them today!




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