How to become a professional poker player

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What does it take to play poker for a living?

You've probably already heard how easy it is to play poker for a living. However, becoming a professional poker player is easy only when you've got the right tools and guidance which will steadily help you make more and more steps up the stakes ladder.

There is a fantastic resemblance between poker and martial arts training. You can quickly understand how to throw a punch or make a continuation bet - and you only need a coach who is not a complete amateur. Learning basics is not difficult; after two or three months you probably understood all poker rules and knew how to avoid the most costly mistakes.

But you are not an online pro yet. Somewhere along the way, you might have stumbled across free training sites that live off the poker rake you leave at the tables. You began learning a little more advanced strategies that were supposed to make you a winning poker player at the lowest stakes. And they probably did - but with a horrible win rate and bad habits, you got stuck at some micro-level, as many people have before. We've seen that over and over again. You get frustrated because you try to learn as much as you possibly can, but somehow, it doesn't correspond to the results at the tables.

But probably, with the right help and good poker guidance, you were able to beat these limits. You make good money on poker at low to mid stakes, but yet, you continuously meet better poker pros at the tables, and you are not able to establish yourself as a good poker player. Winning against regular poker players is one of the toughest things to do, but it's a part of your improvement process, and you can't skip that part of your journey. You can't cheat at online poker while going up the stakes because it will hurt you badly.

Maybe you read it because you are already at poker high stakes. However, you are not number one, and you are looking for ways to become the best poker player that has ever lived. You know what? There is something for you here as well.

And maybe you are good enough but you are looking for ways to earn more, and you just need to pick a good poker format.


Smart Spin gives you full strategy and guidance, no matter the stakes you are playing. We help our members at all stake levels thanks to four of our founders - former high stakes HU SnG players who can still join $500 or $1,000 Spin & Go's and make one of the highest win rates recorded there. And they are here to help you.


I am a beginner poker player from micro stakes or I started playing poker recently.
How and where can I earn the most money?

Spin & Go's are undeniably the most profitable poker format right now, whether we are talking about continuous "month-by-month" payouts or one-time tournament binks which can change your life. Spin & Go offer you the best from both of these worlds, which has never been available before. They give you regular paydays as in cash games, as well as big prizes which you've probably seen only in MTT's before.

That's the beauty of this format. Spin & Go attract many recreational players who wish to win the highest available jackpot and become millionaires. And you make a living playing online poker off these people.

But, as we said before - you need the best poker strategy to do that, and no free poker site will give you that.


Okay, I am a beginner and I've picked my poker format.
How can I start winning at Spin & Go's?

Smart Spin is here to help you. With over three years of experience at running a Spin & Go community, we created the most profitable poker strategy which is now being used by over 700 active players at all stake levels - even $500 Spin & Go's and $1,000 Spin & Go's! And they win a lot of money at poker.

You would start off with our Learning Paths, step-by-step guides on how to win at micro stakes poker. We designed this program to show you the true basics which will get you out of the lowest poker limits and on the road to becoming a poker pro.

Additionally, we give you the preflop charts which show you how to act in any given situation and postflop videos that teach you good behaviors and poker habits. This is enough to win at the lowest levels.

While you may have many doubts, our huge community agrees that there is simply no way you can't win with our strategy at micro stakes. Here, you may ask yourself: "Why are micro stakes not filled with people playing profitable with your strategy?"

The answer is simple: we want our members to aim higher and win more money at poker. We do not leave anyone at micro stakes when they can earn twice that much on only one limit higher. This is where you will be heading as well.


I am playing $15 or $30 Spin & Go's.
How can I go up the stakes?

You built your fundaments and you got out of the micro stakes; this is where you get familiar with your first reg wars. Don't worry - regulars here are awful, and you can easily beat them at $15's, and then, with a little more effort, at $30's.

The first step was to learn about playing the most profitable Spin & Go strategy against unknown opponents and to get used to defeat recreational players. Facing regulars is something else, that's why you get more access to the personalized forms of learning, such as coachings, videos, and leakfinders.

If you work hard enough, you will be selected to join one of our poker study groups which are run by our coaches and where you will find more people devoted to earning good money at poker.

And how much can a poker player earn? Even at $15's, you will easily reach $1,500 per month which is not a bad result for a start. Remember - this is just the beginning! If you keep on learning and improving, these 100 buy-ins will follow you to the higher poker stakes, and at $100's, it's juicy $10,000 per month!

We believe that every single player who joins Smart Spin is able to make 100 buy-ins per month at his stake levels.


Will I ever reach the top stakes at Spin & Go's?

It's not easy, we can tell you. It takes a lot of sacrifices. As one of our coaches, CuAt69UsdSng (who made $300,000 at $500's and $1,000's in the first four months of 2017) said: "High stakes do not change your life - you need to change your life to reach high stakes"!

Becoming a professional poker player and making money at Spin & Go's is something that many people dream of. However, not a lot of them decide to do something about it and even less get access to the good winning Spin & Go strategy.

Smart Spin is the biggest poker community, not only the Spin & Go community, because it's got everything you need to succeed at poker: a plan for becoming a professional poker player.

We've been here for a long time; first, at the highest HU SnG stakes and then, since the beginning of Spin & Go's. We've got true poker legends in our teams, and the highest earners at Spin & Go's. They are here because they know the value we give them.

It doesn't matter if you are playing $1 Spin & Go's or $500 Spin & Go's. You will get a lot by joining Smart Spin. Send us a message and let us know more about you!



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