How to deal with three consecutive donk bets?

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As every week, a lot is happening in our forum. After meeting some real donkeys in the USA, SOEK is back and helps our players again. When our coach was traveling, our members were working hard and met some donkeys at the tables. How to deal with three consecutive donk bets? How to play against 48/18 maniac player? See the top hands of the week below:


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1. A6s UTG vs BTN


MonicaLew18 shows a spot from NL10. Smart Backing member opens from UTG with A6s and gets called by the BTN and BB players. Our player fires a standard continuation bet in position after catching a flush draw, and a second barrel after hitting on the turn a card which gives an equity boost. MonicaLew18 thinks that flop and plays are standard, but Smart Backing member is not sure about the river play. The villain has only 19% WTS and is likely to shove strong hands on the turn, so his range seems to be capped. Can we pull the trigger here and hope that the opponent will fold a top pair? Check out SOEK's solution!


2. BB: T7s vs reg

Alinyr shows a hand from NL25. He joins a 3-way pot from the BB, against CO and BTN players. On the flop he catches a flush draw, and decides to check/call. The turn improves his hand and he checks/calls again - shoving here looks like an overplay, doesn't it? On the river, the situation gets complicated. The 21/18 opponent fires an overbet after 3 of spades pairs the board. Folding a flush here is painful but the villain is not likely to value bet a worse hand here. Can we find a call here somehow? See SOEK's video!


3. Consecutive donks


Mr.Fish116 presents an unusual spot from NL60. After isolating a recreational player with QJo, he faces three consecutive donks on the Q22K2 board. Our hero decides to call down but is the right play against 21/0 player? Usually this kind of stats indicates that our opponent is passive. On the other hand, the sample is very small, and it is tough to believe him in a strong hand on this runout. How to play this hand? Check out the video!


4. Second pair on a wet board


luki1994222 shows a hand from NL300 straddle table. He opens with 95s from the BTN and gets called by the player from straddle position. He cbets on the 349 flop, and then continue after a queen appears on the turn. Our opponent checks/raises, and Smart Backing member doesn't want to give up because the villain seems to be a maniac - he is 48/18. After calling on the turn, should we be consequent and call on the blank river? There is a lot of money in the middle, we face 183 big blinds bet! Do you know how to deal with this scary situation? Join the discussion!


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