How to make money from the small blind against the big blind?

CuAt69UsdSng talks about the common SBvsBB 3-way situations. It's a must-watch for everyone who is confused about this position!

Are you a small blind hustler? Or are you hustled by the big blind?

Even if you are a Smart Spin member, it's more probable that you are not doing so hot on the small blind. It's a difficult position; mastering it comes from a lot of thinking and many analyses.

Even experienced players have troubles with battling regs there.

But we have a real eye-opener for you!


CuAt69UsdSng presents:


The art of skipping cbet


Our high stakes player and a Head Coach CuAt69UsdSng talks more about the situations where you skip the flop cbet. It doesn't mean that you give up the pot! The truth is that you are simply choosing a more profitable line.

When should you do it? Of course, everything depends on the opponent, which isn't surprising, but you know that CuAt69UsdSng has a gift for explaining such situations.

In this 1-hour video, he invites you to think about the cases when you skip cbet with different holdings, whether it's a made hand, air, or draw. Then, he explains the thought process behind the "check" in all of those situations and finally, shows you real-life examples from the tables.

This video has recently come up during the strategy talk between our coaches, and they agreed it's one of the top, neat and tidy strategy materials for this position.

It's not a new video, but it fits perfectly with the upcoming weekend grind. It's available from $15's stakes, so if you have an appropriate level, don't wait, and have your eyes opened by CuAt69UsdSng:




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