How tough are Smart League finals?

We crossed half-way mark of Smart League finals and decided to check how players are doing!

What is Smart League 2.0?

Smart League 2.0 is a football themed promotion available only to Smart Spin members.

Top players from all stakes formed 12 teams with 16 people in every team.

We are running it to make Spin & Go's even more exciting, add some extra incentive for making a solid volume, give our members the opportunity to work with other great players and meet more people from our community!

Learn more about Smart League 2.0 here.


The Grand Final and 3rd Place Match are still ongoing and we need to wait a little bit longer before we will be able to know the final results, but we've already got a small update for you!

The first half of these games is over and we can only say that teams did not disappoint. We are mostly impressed by Red Hot Chili Fishes' performance, a team which got over $33,000 in EV. A fantastic team effort!

There is also a great result of blooming94 from Tom & Jerries who himself made $12,628.03, topping the list of highest $EV earners so far in these finals!


But how about the goal scores? Square On got a nice lead, winning 11-3 against Tom & Jerries. Although Faldorn07 is not a big contributor to this success EV-wise, he shared with us that he focused on his players. It has definitely paid off so far!

Also, Red Hot Chili Fishes are winning 10-5 against Sandy Rivers. Our table leaders finally got themselves together and show that they deserved the top 4 spot of Smart League.


Don't forget that this time we sum up your $EV in Game 1 and Game 2 at given position and this is how we determine if you scored the point for your team at the end of the finals.

The second half of the finals will be played out between 18th and 30th of June. Good luck!



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