"I am happy every day when I sit in front of my screen and start grinding"

Darkornot is talking about his Smart Spin experience.

Darkornot is one of the many Smart Spin members who is trying daily to improve his game. A French guy who is loving poker as much as he loves his family! We are really proud of you and we want to encourage you to keep up the good work!

From an unexperienced poker player, to one of the best crushers at the highest stakes, we are proud to present you the story of his life.

Pretty nice $EV winnings. Congrats, Darkornot!


Saydana: Hello, Darkornot and thank you for your time! We are really glad to have you in our Smart Spin Team. For those who do not know you yet, could you tell a little about yourself?

Darkornot: Hello! I am 29 years old, and one of the few French grinders in Smart Spin. Before taking poker more seriously, I have studied and worked as an actuary. I wasn't super happy doing this job, and I was always feeling that I can't really get proud of it in the future. As time passed by it was turning from bad to worse. On the other hand, giving up this comfortable life wasn't so easy. I have a lovely family and I really feel the father responsibility. So it took me some time to understand this step.


Saydana: So, your side job is being a family man, right? I have one question: how do you do it?! How do you find the time? Isn't it exhausting?

Darkornot: Well, I am still working on it. For sure I am spending a lot of time grinding everyday and I am really thankful for all the help that my wife offers me in other aspects of my life. I try to make some time for my children everyday and it's getting better and better now.

"Isn't it exhausting?". The funny point is that it can be exhausting sometimes because I have to be awake everyday for my children at 7:30. On the other hand I appreciate more and more grinding during the night.


Saydana: Please tell me more about your poker career. What were you playing before and how have you decided to play Spin & Go?

Darkornot: I started to play poker almost eight years ago. And I had nearly exclusively played cash games until 2016. I think I really started to take poker more seriously at the end of 2013 without huge results. At the end, I was just a slightly winner at the $100 NLHE but not more than this.


Saydana: Which was the hardest moment in your poker carrer?

Darkornot: The funny thing about the "hardest moment" in my poker carrier is that it was not so far from my beginning, I don't remember exactly when because at that moment I was just a big fish (I had a very bad bankroll management) and I was playing most of the time with my full bankroll on the table. I even remember the hand that really made me stop for a long time. 56s on a 234 5 6 and Villain showed A7. It is just a fish story but thinking about it now, it helped me a lot to change my opinion about what a bankroll is and how to use it. Now, I am happy every day when I sit in front of my screen and start grinding. So the sad story became a successful one.


Saydana: I am pretty curious how did you hear about Smart Spin? Why did you decide to join us?

Darkornot: I started playing spins on my own at the beginning of 2016, and at this point I had no experience at all in Sit & Go or HU games. So I had a good postflop game, but as we already know, many mistakes could be avoided just by playing optimum preflop. And I hadn’t idea about how to improve my game efficiently on my own. Also, I was playing without HUD. And, I started to find a solution about how to improve it and when you do that, you find Smart Spin pretty fast. Another point is that I played poker for a while, and even if I am not that kind of a "social guy", I really love this game and I really love to discuss about poker. And this opportunity to meet and work with other players was great as well.


Saydana: You are telling me that Smart Spin helped you in this journey. Which materials have you been using the most? What can you tell me about this?

Darkornot: Charts! I really feel that for me, preflop was clearly the part of the game where I had to work the most. After that I tried to take every benefit of Smart Spin, I am watching videos, taking part in many coaching sessions. In my opinion, the opportunity to work with others is what I appreciate the most at Smart Spin. You did a really good job, guys!


Saydana: At what stakes are you currently playing and what can you tell me about your experience here?

Darkornot: I am actually playing $100 Spin & Go mostly, but I don’t have a big experience here, almost 3,5k games. The field is very different here because I am playing on a French platform and the traffic can be pretty slow sometimes. And then you face the same opponents a lot so I work harder on my game to be sure that I can crush anybody. At this point I think I am satisfied with my results but I am still feeling that I have a lot more work to do before being totally confident in my game.

Behind a good result there is always a lot of work.


Saydana: What can you tell me about your Smart League Experience?

Darkornot: It was a great experience. I expected a lot of improvement during Smart League and I think I improved my grinding skills by playing everyday. We were not the most active team but still the extra coaching was great and I was glad to work with my team mates.


Saydana: Do you have any goals you would like to achieve this year? Do you want to travel somewhere in particular?

Darkornot: Concerning poker I would really like at some point to be more than just a player. So I will keep improving my game to reach the possibility to become a coach someday.

On the other part, I would like to bring more happiness to my family and spend way more time in holidays with them.


Saydana: Thank you for the interview and good luck in the future! Anything you would like to add at the end of this interview?

Darkornot: I want to say that I am really pleased that I decided to join Smart Spin and I am really happy to be part of a great poker team. Good luck for everyone here! 


Good luck! We hope that 2017 will bring you great results!



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