iJustGamble vs Limitless - a huge HU battle in $5,000 Turbo!

Check out the video with face up cards and iJustGamble's commentary!

iJustGamble is a well-recognised heads-up player with a long history of grinding $1,000 HU HT. He was a member of an elite cartel group at the highest hyper turbo Sit & Go heads-up tournaments, and it wasn't pure luck that got him there. He was also one of the four original founders of Smart Spin where he shared his knowledge with a new generation of poker players who earn their money on Spin & Go's.

Limitless is a famous cash player who, for some, is one of the wonder kids of today's poker. A few years ago, he told everyone that he would beat micro stakes and reach the highest stakes available online. Laughed by few (as they thought that the games are unbelievably hard nowadays, especially for newcomers), he was eager to prove that his place is at the top. His incredible work ethic and total devotion to improve helped him get as far as up to NL40,000 and now, he resides in Asia, polishing up his skills with other famous online nicknames.

These are two great players, and they decided to show you a little of their skill in a heads-up match recorded especially for our fans!


Grab your popcorn!

iJustGamble and Limitless met at the $5,000 HU Turbo table because who would like to play for pennies? It needs to be interesting!

Do you know what's best about it? They decided to show you a recording of this match with their cards facing up. You will know what both of them were holding in each hand and what they did with their cards.

It's a magnificent battle between two outstanding minds, which is additionally topped with a great commentary of iJustGamble.

Check it out now!



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