imjubei2: "Switching to Spin & Go's gave me more freedom"

A member of $100,000 EV Club, SmartNova Elite holder, one of the top Smart League players!

imjubei2 is not a new face here. You heard about him for the first time when he managed to earn SmartNova through 3-month grind at the $15 Spin & Go's. It was a fantastic achievement and his name had the pleasure of being amongst some of the greats like EpicKind and Wolle83.

But recently he was more active at the higher stakes. With his recent results at the $30 and $60 Spin & Go's, he obtained third place in our Top Assist table.

Oh, and the most important thing: he is the member of our $100,000 EV Club!

We were waiting for him to make that milestone and since he is getting married next Saturday, it's a great opportunity to talk to him about his past and upcoming future:


Smart Spin: Hello, imjubei2! Congratulations on joining our $100,000 EV Club! How do you feel about that achievement? Does it mean anything to you?

imjubei2: Hello, it's a great moment for me. It was a goal to me for a long time and now, when I finally achieved it, I can find a new one, like catching up to ytrer or CuAt :D


Smart Spin: Well, that's a big one. But first let's talk how you got here. What did you do before playing Spin & Go's and before playing poker in general? I am sure our readers would like to know more about you.

imjubei2: I'm poker player for more than 10 years, I started when I've been going to university. I was studying Mathematics, so learning poker was not that hard to me. I played cash games in that time mostly. Two years ago I've switched to MTT's which worked well for me. Then I heard about Spin & Go's from my friend and how easy they are and I decided to switch. I started with $15 buy-in and after some time Smart Spin contacted me to join them.


Smart Spin: What did you mean when you said MTT's worked well for you?

imjubei2: I've got $40,000 profit ($20,000 after splitting with my MTT group) in 4,000 tournaments. MTT's were nice but exhausting. Being forced to play 6-10 hours straight can influence your family life and health. Switching to Spin & Go's gave me more freedom.


Smart Spin: So, your side job is being a family man, right? Well, looking at your massive volume, I have one question: how do you do it?! How do you find the time?

imjubei2: Yes, I've got soon-to-be wife and 1-year-old son. Its hard task to combine family life with grinding - I'm still searching for a best time / number of hours to play poker. In fact i think i should work a lot more and make 8-9k tournaments every month, but I don't do it. I'm very surprised that I'm at the top of volume in Smart Spin. How? I've always played a lot of computer games - like StarCraft. Because of that It's not hard for me to play 6 tables. In fact I'm bored when I'm playing less than 4 tables.


Smart Spin: StarCraft guys are crazy, I can tell. But I don't think many of our players would be able to make such results with 4-6 tables, can you tell us more about your history with StarCraft? Were you a professional?

imjubei2: No. I was just a regular player who enjoyed this game. But every strategy game will help you develop your thinking / learning patterns. And Real Time Strategies like StarCraft will force you to make an important decision in a matter of seconds, just like in poker. So multitabling wasn't that hard for me.


Smart Spin: As I recall, you too had some troubles with that earlier in the year and you were grinding $15's instead of $30's, right? It was when you got SmartNova Elite.

imjubei2: Yes, sometimes you take one step back in order to take two forward. Now, I would for sure stay at $30's and focus on improving, but back then I needed money, so I decided to grind at lower stakes which worked well. Also, making SmartNova Elite was my goal and adding two more tables to mine usual 6 at $15's was the fastest way to achieve it. Now I'm more focused on advancing in stakes and finally beating $60's.


Smart Spin: Tell us please about making those two steps forward.

imjubei2: Well - I can't say I've made the second step yet, $60's are still too hard to me to beat them at over 35 cEV. When I was on downswing I've been watching one coaching before every session - this gave me confidence to beat $30's. Learning charts is very important too, especially when you play 6 tables. Knowing if 75o is a call at 4bb in HU without checking it in charts surely will improve your multitabling skills.


Smart SpinYour got promoted to $60's during Smart League. Did you get any help from your teammates of Team Rocket and a fellow grinder, ytrer?

imjubei2: Yeah, the group is active and we get trainings every week. I can't participate in all of them due to my day schedule, but it's nice to be a part of such good team.


Smart Spin: Now you hold the third place with Team Rocket. Do you think you can still catch up to Wolverines?

imjubei2: Absolutely - opponents are very good, but consistency is the most important in this promotion and I think it's our strength. We've got rather easy matches left, except the last vs Riverpool FC. We can do it :)


Smart Spin: It may be a little difficult with your wedding plans. Or are you going to grind something before the ceremeony, just out of habit?

imjubei2: In fact, I will play a lot less. Organising wedding, even only for the closest family, can be time-absorbing. But for sure I will play at least 4,000 tournaments.


Smart Spin: That's still a lot and I just need to ask this - any rivalry going on between you and ytrer about who will make more games?

imjubei2: That's an interesting idea, but we don't have any bet on this. He is a natural grinder, so as I - we will make big volume when focused on playing no matter of bets, promotions, and rivalry.


Smart Spin: You are going to grind no matter what? That's a good attitude, I must say. Besides winning at $60's, what do you hope to achieve in 2017 not only at the poker tables, but also in life?

imjubei2: Winning at $60's and then on $100's are my biggest goals for 2017. I've made several attempts up to now - but I think I will eventually succeed. I don't have non poker related plans for new year yet. Will focus on my family for sure.


Smart Spin: And will we meet each other at the Community Live Event in December?

imjubei2: Sure, I will be there.

Smart Spin: Thank you for the interview and have a lot of fun on your wedding day!


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