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What is a poker mindset?

A successful poker player has obtained many skills throughout his poker career. To mention a few, a professional winning poker player is able to effectively analyse his game, wisely manage his time on and off the tables, but most importantly to understand the importance of a healthy mind.

"Treat your poker like a business" by Dusty Schmidt was a book that took the poker professionalism to the next level. In it, you can read how crucial it is to take this game seriously, give it enough time and devotion to reach mid or high stakes where you can earn enough money and say "it was worth it". At the same time, it tries to switch your mind to thinking that poker is a job and you need to be both, employer and employee.

This book has some good points and shows you that partying and drinking doesn't come hand in hand with playing poker for a living. But at the same time, it also forces your mind to think in terms of managing your own enterprise, thing which has already killed the whole point of becoming a professional poker player.

First of all, people have been choosing to play poker because they do not want to work in a regular job. Second, the essential thing is that you do not try to improve some distant, imaginative creation like your own company. You try to change yourself and become someone better than before.


How to improve poker mindset

Improving poker mindset is a long and fulfilling journey where you can find many obstacles and truths about yourself as a poker player and as a person. In essence, you fully discover yourself and stop being blind to your own needs and weaknesses.

This path doesn't have one way. It's a sum of all of your decisions and choices. Healthy poker mind comes from a healthy body - that's one part of the equation. Often, you find yourself asking on free poker forums how to avoid tilt and they give you all kinds of advice. None of them may be helpful if pain comes from the body! That may be one of the things why you tilt.

This is one of the first steps, which is often forgotten by aspiring poker players. They try to find some issues in their head and do not even dare to look lower. What do you have to do to help your body? Excercise regularly, eat healthy, have enough sleep, among other things. That means waking up after a good night sleep in a comfortable bed, going for a run, eating nutritious breakfast, picking natural food, regularly getting up away from PC, adding additional activity to your day (such as working out at the gym, swimming, dancing, or even having a 30-minute walk), sitting straight on a good gaming chair, having enough vitamins in your diet and much, much more.

It's a life-changing challenge, but that's a step one for a healthy mind.

CuAt69UsdSng, our Head Coach and a high stakes player who became vegan a few years ago, once said:


"High stakes do not change your life - you need to change your life to reach high stakes."


This comes from a former successful MTT player, who has winnings of over half a million dollars, and who is now, a poker millionaire and Spin & Go's high stakes player. CuAt69UsdSng is battling other regulars at $1,000 Spin & Go's and is achieving almost 2% EV ROI there, with additional 4% EV ROI at $500 Spin & Go's. In the first five months of 2018, he won $320,000 at Spin & Go's:


CuAt's lifetime graph at $500's and $1,000's


He shares his experience with other Smart Spin members who would like to reach such a level of poker mastery and become one of the top players at Spin & Go's. He lives in Malta now and takes care of a group of poker players who also moved there and started their own journey of crushing $500 Spin & Go's - and in Smart Spin, we've got many players who are either playing these stakes now, or they are close to moving up there!

His words about changing your life to play high stakes seem true in every way. His vast knowledge and many life-improving decisions have brought him to this level. By gradually changing his views and mindset, he was able to reach the highest Spin & Go's stakes! He defeated tilt and so can you.

And he wasn't the only one who has experienced it.


How to not tilt at poker

After you take care of your body, it's a lot easier to focus on your mind.

CuAt69UsdSng may be one of the best Spin & Go's players in the world, but he does not have full knowledge about the brain and the issues related to it. Who can blame him? He spends a lot of his time improving at poker; psychology is just a small addition to his journey here.

That's why there is a certified psychologist in Smart Spin who can answer the most complex questions for you.

"You should build a belief that says: I want to develop my whole life."

whys0serious is a master of psychology who has been fascinated about poker for a long time. A former poker player, he decided to fully devote his time to teaching poker players how to overcome their weaknesses and not to tilt.

There are a lot of reasons to tilt at poker; this article is not long enough because you can write books about them. But who's got time to read them all? If you do, you probably do not have enough time to play poker or analyse hands and improve away from the tables. whys0serious provides this knowledge to Smart Spin members on a silver platter.

During his time in Smart Spin, he recorded over 25 videos already and focused on many topics, such as:

  • Poker motivation,
  • Emotional intelligence in poker, 
  • The right attitude for playing poker,
  • Poker stress management,
  • Poker procrastination,
  • Poker Work Ethic,
  • Poker Time Management,
  • ... and many others!

His incredible work has been recognized by many Smart Spin members. What's more, every Tuesday and Thursday he's got private 1-on-1 therapy sessions with selected players from our team who would like to know more about overcoming their poker weaknesses. Some issues can be quite complex, that's why he gives personal help to anyone who asks him.

It's like having your personal psychologist to help you grow as a poker player! The best thing is that he helps every Smart Spin member who seeks it!

This situation is quite common in sports, but professional mindset help is not often recognized by many poker players who are struggling with tilt. Smart Spin takes care of its members, and that's one of the reasons why over 700 members have already trusted our brand!


How to build a strong poker mindset?

A few years ago, we did not have so much knowledge about poker mindset. All of our top players had to figure things out by themselves, without any outside help.

That's such a hurdle because sometimes it takes ages to find a good way of dealing with some mindset issues. Poker is not easy for your brain, and you need a lot of patience, devotion and strong will in order to find what is good and what is bad for a poker player. Building a strong poker mindset on all fronts costs time which can be better used elsewhere.

If you want to succeed at poker today, you must be a lot faster and more effective than your opponents. The good thing is that you can use the knowledge collected throughout years by one of our founders - the fearless killuifuplay, a true legend for HU SnG community and one of the highest earners at heads-up tables there.

killuifuplay had many occasions to test his mind while battling top regs at $1,000 HU HTs. His mindset was steady as a rock, and his aggressive style has been injecting fear into the hearts of his opponents before he finally decided to leave the highest stakes life. Not because his game stopped being profitable - he left HU HTs after the most successful year of his career as he wanted to be forever remembered as the most feared player at HU SnGs.

20 people jumped as I said “jump”. Top players in the world. Amongst them icons like Daniel Colman.

Today, he still plays $500 and $1,000 Spin & Go's and achieves 4% EV ROI there without breaking a sweat and without tilting.

That's the power of a good mindset. He is still able to beat the games, even though his opponents have been playing regularly for a longer period of time and while they do it, he spends most of his time taking care of Smart Spin members. It doesn't matter; he is still good enough to take on the top guys at Spin & Go's. Tilt is the last thing on his mind.

His help was invaluable in the improvement process of many poker players. His good advice was often needed when a Smart Spin member was in a tough position and didn't know what to do.

killuifuplay, a former $1,000 HU HT player and one of the legends of this game, is here to help Smart Spin members to reach the highest stakes.

However, he is not the only one from these stakes who is showing our members how they can take care of themselves.


How to reach your poker goals?

adamc1988 was one of the few who dared to attack $1,000 HU HTs games after the top players had left these stakes, including killuifuplay. There was a significant war between old regulars and a new 'Bali house' where adamc1988 was playing from, alongside his colleagues.

After six months of painful battling and losing six digits in real money, he was finally accepted at these stakes. Then, he made a lot of money out of the game.

Reaching your poker goals is about giving your best in the most desperate and most brutal times. Losing money is one of the top reasons why poker players start tilting and stop playing their A-game. Variance is relentless, and you can lose your mind thinking about the dollars that come and go. This may be a one-way ticket to the place you don't want to be in.

You would think that 6-digit loss is a place where you can start wondering if playing poker is profitable. After losing $100,000, would you be able to join the next table and face the toughest opponents you've ever met? Would you be able to do that after losing $200,000? What about $300,000?

adamc1988 survived this test and set himself up for life. There was no tilt in his behaviour. That was one of the most difficult things he needed to do in life. Now, he is here to teach our members how they can survive tough times at poker and how they can reach their poker goals.



Everything we wrote here, comes down to one thing:


Smart Spin gives you
the best poker mindset help


With our own psychologist on board and so many professional poker players who have earned millions from poker, you can't get lost. We provide you with top ways to become a perfect poker machine (which does not tilt) and start earning serious money at Spin & Go's.


Becoming a professional poker player and making money at Spin & Go's is something that many people dream of. However, not a lot of them decide to do something about it and even less get the access to the good winning Spin & Go strategy.

Smart Spin is the biggest poker community, not only Spin & Go community, because it's got everything you need to succeed at poker: a plan for becoming a professional poker player.

We've been here for a long time; first, at the highest HU SnG stakes and then, since the beginning of Spin & Go's. We've got true poker legends in our teams and the highest earners at Spin & Go's. They are here because they know the value we give them.

It doesn't matter if you are playing $1 Spin & Go's or $500 Spin & Go's. You will get a lot by joining Smart Spin. Send us a message and let us know more about you!



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