Improved TAF Program!


Do you remember our Tell-a-Friend program? It is simple. Refer a new member. If he will get accepted you will earn money. But wait, now we give you even more money! Take part in our TAF program and get up to $1,000!


You tell your friend to mention your nickname during the recruitment process. If he will get accepted you will get money, simple? Simple! How much you earn depends on which stake he will start. You will get your money after your friend plays 5000 games and do a first profit split in Smart Spin.


You will find them on your Dashboard. But remember, the user must register a new account through your reflink to keep a track of him. Also, remember that this doesn’t mean that he was accepted. We are working on a improved reflinks that will keep track of users registered and accepted. Hopefully, we will introduce it within a month.


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27/08/2019 04:32:22

what if they start below $3 and climb up?


02/04/2019 18:13:00

Unfortunately, there are two big problems with giving players a share of profits: 1. It is very complicated to track and settle. 2. Should such a referring player participate in a loss as well and pay us then? Sometimes amounts of individual losses are significant. Unfortunately a percentage arrangement is not a feasible solution for most of the referring players.


29/03/2019 22:43:17

To be honest it isn't great deal, it would be more fair if player who refers someone gets profit from future winnings, let say 1% as long as he is in the smart spin.

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