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Fetedlabiere: "As a coach I am always trying to create a good learning environment"

What is Know your Coach?

Know Your Coach is a new series of articles which aims to help you get closer to our coaches. We know that in poker it is very important to find a mentor who suits your way of being. This is the only way he can motivate you and bring you closer to victory. We have a great team and the best coaches in the world.

Know Your Coach is a series which promises to present our coaches just the way they are: brilliant, talented and full of determination.


Smart Spin is a big happy family which offers support to all of its members. We are sure that many of you already know which coach is closest to his style, but for those who are trying to find a balance in their learning process, we come out with a great opportunity.

We deliver you on a silver plate all the information you need for knowing our coaches better. This will help you to find the right person which is suitable to fix your leaks.

Know your Coach is an open diary. We invite you to fill in all its pages!

Today we introduce you a real poker beast who recently hit and won the much-desired Jackpot at €100. Fetedlabiere is back in the spotlight!



Fetedlabiere: Before joining Smart Spin my game was pretty GTO oriented, unfortunately this didn't gave me the results that I wanted, but after a few months understanding what Smart Spin had to offer and fully committing to throw balance overboard I was able to have a pretty good performance. Basically, I have just studied everything Smart Spin had to offer and I tried to understand the reasons for each decision. One more milestone was starting to work with Darkornot on a daily basis, without him I defintely wouldn't be where I am right now. Our influence on each other is not only about knowledge, but also about staying motivated every day which is something super important. This is why I can only encourage everyone to find someone to connect with on a daily basis.


As you can see Fetedlabiere is an open-minded coach who trusts a lot in finding the right person to study with. He and Darkornot are a good example of a successful poker duo. Our coach will teach you that loneliness is not a good thing when it comes to online poker. You have to stay connected with people who have the same interests and goals as you have.

Fetedlabiere is the perfect coach when it comes to mindset and discipline. He will practically give you wings to fly!



Fetedlabiere: If we talk about positions, my strongest are certainly HU SB and BBvsBU. My strong HU SB game certainly comes from my HU cash background and my good exploits especially postflop. But if we talk about an overall style I think I understand game theory and the math behind poker very well which is why I started my new series Quickie with Fetedlabiere in which I want to bring game theory closer to everyone else. Although, during my time Smart Spin I learned how to exploit my opponents hard because I still believe that this is way more important than playing a well balanced game. Understanding what would be optimal makes it way easier to spot leaks in our opponents game.


Fetedlabiere is a coach who is aware of his skills and this is a thing that comes together with self-confidence.

Some of his skills are:

  • a solid HU SB game
  • experience in exploiting his opponents
  • identifying the optimal play in various situations
  • amazing results in HU SB and BBvsBU

Watch the first episode of his new series "Quickie with Fetedlabiere":




Fetedlabiere: As a coach I am always trying to create a good learning environment and to understand the thinking process of my students, to better understand how I can help them. The best way to help a student if he is getting to the correct moves on his own, so I try to be more of a guide than to just tell him the solution. I also think that understanding the reasons of our decisions is extremely important and that is why I am always trying to explain my moves as much as I can during my coachings.


Our coach is a real hunter. He is a master of poker strategy and at the same time, he offers to his students the freedom to create their own style of playing. Our coach is a mentor and a friend to all his students.

Little by little, he shows you the steps that you have to make for sticking your teeth into the prey. Join Fetedlabiere's study groups and you will learn how to become a complete poker player. All the power is in your hands, our coach is just a skilled guide.


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