Inside the Mind of a GGPoker World Festival Grinder: Fakeee1 Shares His Secrets

Love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life - an inspiring interview with high stakes player & coach!

Fakeee1 is a high-stakes Spin & Go player who specializes in the Flash variant, and he is also a Smart Spin coach. Recently he shifted his focus to multi-table tournaments. His recent achievement was finishing first in the GGPoker World Festival leaderboard for $25,000. Our community manager aurora had the opportunity to interview our hero.

Fakeee1 aka WhoBeatsMe finishing 1st on the Leaderboard

Please tell us more about yourself. How you started to play MTTs, and how long have you been playing poker overall?

Fakeee1: My poker story is quite long. I started playing 9 years ago (personally can’t believe how long it is already). Back then, I was trying pretty much everything, some cashes like nl10, some low buy-ins MTTs, and some SNGs. However, my first real game where I started to specialize and became a pro was satellites.

Also, during this time, I first started to play under the wings of poker schools. However, it took around 2 years until I joined Smart Spin in 2017. I was playing mid-high stakes then without great successes until… Flashes came out. For me, it was a game changer, and definitely, on Flashes, I’ve had my biggest successes so far. I’ve reached absolute high stakes, holding all the lobbies, including $1000s. I’ve made $400k EV exclusively on Flashes and coached dozens of players, who also reached high stakes during the process.

However, in 2022, some problems for high stakes Flash grinders appeared. It was traffic. I struggled to get fine volume and didn’t want to move down with stakes or sit for countless hours waiting for games on high stakes. I’ve kind of reached the point where I could only go down with my earnings and average buy-in, so I had to find something - MTTs were the answer.

Any reasoning behind why you decided to play more MTTs instead of Flash games?

Fakeee1: I always liked MTT, I feel that this is really the best poker format that covers all the areas of poker, and I believe that you grow the most as a poker player in general when playing MTTs.

Furthermore - in MTTs, the sky is the limit, and they give you the possibilities to play live, which you don’t have in Spins.
Also, not gonna lie - after playing over 3 years of Flashes, and 6 years of Spins, you just simply start to get bored — no way around that.

On the other side, the biggest downside of MTTs is the fact the sessions you play have to be really long, you cannot take a break after 2 hours of playing as you can in Spins or Cash. But now I also organized my life a little bit better, and it wasn’t the problem anymore as it would be earlier.

What does your standard grinding day look like? Have you been following your routine during the GGPoker World Festival as well?

Fakeee1: Actually, we can’t really find the standard day, as everything was schedule dependent. Saturdays and Sundays especially were definitely the longest days where I had to play for 14-16h to cover the whole schedule, and it was really tough.

On some days, I shortened the length of the session and max late reg first tournaments so that I could start later. However, when the first MTTs were bounty ones - I needed to play very long sessions. At the start of the series, I tried to keep a good diet and, in general very good work-life balance. However, the later it got, the harder it was.

Work-life balance is the key - Fakeee1's chilling in the mountains between new challenges

What was the worst moment during the Festival for you? Have you thought about quitting?

Fakeee1: To be honest, the most challenging moment hasn’t come from the GGWorld Series itself but from SCOOP (which was at the same time). It was in the SCOOP High $10,000 Main Event. I was chip leading this tournament with 120 people left and got into a massive, massive cooler (two pair vs. straight on the flop, no way out) vs. a player who was 3rd in chips and lost the pot worth a hell of a lot of money. Shortly after I was out AQ < AK 😥

It was additionally hard as it happened almost at the end when I also experienced a downswing in other MTTs, and what’s more, it was one day before my birthday 😕

But I never really thought about quitting. Once I started, I knew I had to finish that, even though it was really hard sometimes.

Did your experience in Flashes help you somehow?

Fakeee1: Yeah, definitely. Firstly just purely poker-skill-wise Flashes helped me a lot. I’m very familiar with wide ranges, playing on the blinds, and my edge is huge in the Heads-Up once I get there. You cannot underestimate that - once you get to HU in MTT, you play for an enormous amount of money, especially in knockout MTT.

What’s more - in Flashes, I played the highest stakes possible. It was really important to handle the swings. I’m used to being up and down tens of thousands of dollars, which is definitely crucial when you go for such a ride.

You have been playing 38 days in a row to succeed in GG World Festival High Leaderboard. What is your secret to not getting burnout and staying focused all the time?

Fakeee1: There is no secret to not burning out - simply, you don’t burn out when you love something, and I’ve really fallen in love with MTT. It just gives me pure joy when I play it. Ofc sometimes, it was tougher to start the session, but it was purely related to the stamina level, not getting burned out. To prove out - a week after the series, I was already playing again 😉
With the focus, I would lie if I tell that I was entirely focused all the time.

It’s probably close to impossible to be focused all the time for 12 hours a day, 38 days straight. I knew that I should decrease the number of tables to limit the influence of losing focus sporadically.

Loading the energy with a beautiful view

Do you tilt? What are your methods for handling the frustrations during or after the game?

Fakeee1: I usually don’t tilt. Sometimes I experienced small frustration during the series, which is pretty normal. What’s very important to avoid that is to have big confidence in your poker knowledge. Variance is a huge part of poker, especially in MTTs, and at some point, you should just get used to it.

A great score in a high stakes tournament by Fakeee1

What do you do besides poker? Do you have any hobbies?

Fakeee1: Besides poker, I run a company in the beauty industry. Yeah, sounds totally not related, and indeed it isn’t 😁 I’m doing it with my fiance, so it’s possible to mix in these two different things. Besides that, I don’t have that much time lately, so I don’t have any typical hobbies. I try to travel as much as possible during my grind breaks.

What are your future goals when it comes to MTT?

Fakeee1: The sky is the limit 🙂 I’m coming back to grinding them online, I will focus on doing my best and achieving good results here. Also, the goal is to start playing live and go to some EPTs. The ultimate goal is the triton 😉

What’s more, I always loved to coach other people, and I hope I will be able to run some coachings in MTTs as well 😉 Wait for it!

What would you advise new young players who want to start playing poker?

Fakeee1: It depends on your goals, but I think the ultimate advice is just to love the game. You need to absorb it all, watch streams, study, look for materials and coaches, and just be interested in it. And, of course, to say more specifically, it depends on many factors: you, your bankroll, time resources, your potential goals, etc.

For many people, it will be very good to join poker schools, some people can easily try it on their own.
Don’t forget to study at the beginning, it will make things easier for you for sure!

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