Interview with a stranger: "Why are you transitioning to Spin & Go's?"

The world of poker is a world of adjustments!

Transitioning from one format to another is something that has been and will be happening in the poker world. Games are getting tougher, rakeback is being constantly lowered and there are new formats introduced which often cause drastic changes in the traffic for certain game types. Players often find themselves in a position where it's in their best interest to look in another direction.

However, most of the time we see NL cash players transitioning to PLO or HU Turbo to Hyper-turbo and so on. When the Spin & Go's were introduced, many players discarded them as an unbeatable and foolish format, but soon enough they realised their mistake and a wave of regulars from all types of SNG formats started to transition along with the stream.

Today, the Spin & Go format is so popular and provides so much opportunity that even winning regulars from non-SNG formats are boarding that ship. One of them has agreed to give us an interview on the subject:



Hello, Krasimir! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hey, my name is Krasimir Paunov. I am 29 years old, born in Bulgaria. In my free time I like watching or playing football (huge Juventus fan here). I have been playing poker professionally for the past 3.5 years.


What made you pursuit poker as a career?

One of the things that made me become a poker professional was that there was no limit when it comes to how high you can grow. Also the opportunity to have that mixture of freedom of choice and competition really appealed to me.


What are your biggest accomplishments in poker?

I have always played NL Hold'em 6-max and PLO. I consider my biggest achievements to be reaching NL1K in NL and PLO400.


What do you know about Spin & Go's?

Well, when it comes to Spin & Go's I know that 70% of the game is heads-up and that every tournament starts with 3 players each with 25BB stack. I also know that it can be really profitable and many good players that I know have chosen that path already. Oh yeah, and there are huge Jackpots!


Why did you decide to transition from cash to Spin & Go's?

Well, I have thought about it for a while. There are several reasons for that decision of mine. First of all the cash games all around seem to be dying out. As a true grinder I am always trying to see where is the future of my favourite game going, and the Spin & Go format seemed to be one of the most promising ones out there. There is also the need of conquering new heights and setting new goals ahead of myself.


Do you consider that taking coaching is mandatory nowadays if a player decides to switch formats and be successful?

Definitely yes. I am certain that it would be extremely hard for any player who wishes to switch format nowadays to climb the stakes without coaching. The game of poker is not what it was 5 years ago and to think that you can just go and quickly crush the regulars in a game where you are making your first steps is just your ego talking.


Have you heard of Smart Spin before?

A little bit. I have heard about them from a friend. All I know is that they are probably the biggest Spin & Go community and that they are doing everything on a really high level. True professionals.


What are your future goals?

My future goals are to transition successfully to Spin & Go's and hopefully to climb the stakes up to $100's. I am used to beating some of the highest games when I play and I would never settle for less!


Thank you, Krasimir! We wish you best of luck in your endeavours and who knows, you might join our squad one day!

See you at the tables!




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