Jaime Staples finished in 2nd place in 8-Game "Run it Up" Reno Championship

But his adventure doesn't stop here!

Jaime Staples is a successful poker player and one of our close friends. He delights us with his Twitch streamings and he manages to catch the attention of his audience with his crazy challenges and adventures.

Jaime loves to play poker and this is a thing that he shares with everyone.

He is now in Reno taking part in the Run it Up poker Championship. More than this, Jaime finished on the second place in 8-Game Championship taking home $4,000!


But Jaime Staples' adventure doesn't finish here. It seems that our guy has moved to Costa Rica together with a few friends of his. Our friend made his own streaming house and he is now back to grinding in a new setting.

We encourage everyone to watch one of his latest streams directly from his Costa Rica house. Jaime is back at the tables!


Don't forget to follow Jaime Staples on social media and join all of his streams. A lot of fun and some crazy poker spots are waiting for you!

Jaime is On Air. Let the fun begin!


 Jaime Staples on Twitch

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 Jaime Staples on Twitter



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