Join our gindhouse in Malta!

We've already got seven high-skilled players here and we are waiting for one more - you!

Being in a study group or working with other highly skilled poker players is one of the final steps of achieving the poker mastery. By taking an active part in such environment will you be able to reach the top and find out what your true limits really are.

We've gathered top Spin & Go players in Malta who are doing just that. In the building where our grindhouses is set, there are already many familiar faces and nicknames: Xptboy, dav3du22190, Oxidosiss, W0ngfeihund, skrzat96, DonIwan16, MasterYimid.

There is also one more spot waiting for you!


We are looking for one player to join our grindhouse in Malta!



Many people come here to party and get some sun on their skin, but we came here to work - so did our players!

We are looking for someone as dedicated as the group we already have here. There are three ways to learn from this experience:

  1. You can take part in one of our strategy bootcamps which will happen every 4-6 weeks - get under our founder's bakudranski's wings and learn the deepest secrets of reg wars!
  2. Every week you can also join two coachings hosted exclusively for the group here by one of the top players in this format and our Head Coach - CuAt69UsdSng!
  3. Finally, you will be able to learn everything from other grinders who are already here and want to crush the highest Spin & Go stakes!


Think about the vast amount of knowledge which is waiting for you here! And you know what comes with it.


We've got players here who do not wish to stop their poker journey at $100 Spin & Go's. After introducing $500's to our community, people are doing everything in their power to get there and make five times the money they are getting at $100's.

This grindhouse is one of these opportunities which may get you to the $500 Spin & Go's. We are looking for candidates to move to Malta among $60's and $100's players who are willing to work hard and who have played at least 7,000 games this year so far.

But don't pack your bags yet. If you are interested in joining our high stakes team here, talk to Koczwi first and find out more about moving to Malta. We want to cover one spot between 1st of July and 20th of September!


We can't wait to see you here!


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