Ketzerfelipe opens MTT TOP Scores!

Read an interview with our player

Hello, Smart Spinners! Ketzerfelipe opens todays TOP MTT Scores with a fantastic score of $8480. Read a very interesting interview with our Brasilian player from which you will know how Brasilian players play online.

Congratulations on an excellent score in OSS $1M!  What was the most memorable hand in a tournament? 

I think the most memorable one was at the exact money bubble (already day2 ~400left), where I raised BTN(32bb) with 99 and got jammed by the big blind who covered me. It was a big min-cash (525$ if I'm not wrong), but I think 99's are too strong to fold in this scenario. Happily, he showed 22... 99 held, and I managed a nice stack from this moment on. 

How do you prepare for a session? 

My preparation for an A+ session includes a quick exercise like to run a bit, cold shower, mentalization of my goals (me winning tournaments, happy things going on, clarity in my decisions), and a quick look in some piosolver models/HRC simulations or something like that.

How you stay focus during the whole sessions?

Every break I try to leave the computer and take some deep breaths, walk a bit, those small things that helps us to maintain our focus during the grind.

How do you work on your mindset? 

It has been a month since I started a personal 1on1 with a mental coach, and that is helping me a lot. I've always struggled with my mindset about downswings and stuff like that. Now I'm doing some specific exercises and some dynamics that are improving my mindset a lot. 

I always hear that poker is super popular in Brasil. What do you think about the Brasilian poker scene? 

Our greatest difficulty is to change how people think about the game; most of +50 years old think it is a pure gamble or illegal. Still, it is growing every year more and more here, we have huge live events (even WSOP comes here sometimes), and I think the future tends to be really good for poker in here. About Brazilian players, they tend to be more spewy than players from other countries and have this fame (but I'm trying to play like a European player hahaha)

Why did you start playing MTT? What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I met the game when I was 13yo (my dad taught it to me), and since that, I've started watching it on TV and fell in love with it. When I turned 18yo decided that it was the time to try poker as a profession and take a different line than "normal people" would take (go to college, graduate, work in some "normal job"). I think the adrenaline of a deep run in a big MTT is a unique feeling, and no other poker format has it. 

If you would give advice for a struggling player, what would you say to him? 

I've had some big "almost" scores like this OSS $1M Final Table. When it happens, we always feel disgusted, disappointed, and stuff like that. But in fact, those ones are good for us to confirm that we are in the right way. I'm 100% sure that I will keep spanking their asses in the long run because I work hard every day and work hard beats everything(even variance). Someday it will happen (big-hitting), for me and for all of you that put your heart into it. Poker is so amazing because it allows us to depend only on our efforts, work hard every day as hard as you can, study the maximum, absorb every excellent content you find, try to find your leaks, and I'm sure in the long run you going to be successful. For those who did not see it, here's one video that I love to watch when I'm not motivated as I could be:

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14/07/2020 11:02:59

Pretty amazing read and great insight of a poker mind, I just started seriously for last two months and after reading this feeling very motivated and will do the hardwork on my way to reach it's peak, thanks for sharing!!

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