Kid Cld: "Smart Spin was the best decision I made for my improvement in poker"

Meet our new coach, one of the captains of Smart League 2.0, and a truly great guy!

It is a great pleasure to introduce our new coach Kid Cld!

A former low stakes HU player who had the motivation and the will to do something with his poker life and finally get to the top. Well, he made just that!

But the road is bumpy, you can't stay at the top forever if you don't work hard enough, a hard lesson he learned during his time there.

Learn more about our new coach and his approach poker - something that may also work for you!



dolar: Hello, Kid Cld, nice to finally talk to you! You are doing quite good recently and it's time for our members to know you a little better. I heard you were a HU SnG player before, was it the only format you've ever played?

Kid CldNot even close, I used to move from format to format as I got bored like I was allergic to playing a format for longer than 3 months. But that all changed when I read Dan Colmans famous $1 million Hu Hyper challenge on 2+2. That’s when I really realised that if I stuck to a format and really worked hard it was possible to really financially set yourself up for life. Of course, at the time I had no idea of the level of work it would require, but still that motivation is what got me serious in pursuing a career in poker.


dolar: Could you tell us a little more about that challenge, what was it? How did it inspire you?

Kid CldSimply it was a challenge to make $1.25 million in a year playing mostly HU SNGs as high as $5k's. Many things inspired me about this thread, first and foremost it was the jaw dropping realisation that you can make over a million dollars a year basically playing a strategy game. And secondly, it was his passion for the game and his fearlessness when it came to playing some of the best in the world.


dolar: So, how did you do at heads-ups?

Kid CldI never got to see how high I could of potentially moved up, but I beat every stake I played, up to the $15's, up until joining Smart Spin. At the time I was still building my roll to finally take my first shot at entering the $30 cartel. I had been rematching regulars relentlessly at the $15 games, while maintaining a positive ROI, to practice for this shot. Every now and then I think what could have been, but one thing I know for sure is that Smart Spin was the best decision I made for my improvement in poker.



dolar: Two years ago you were a little unsure about Spin & Go's being profitable. Why did you decided to try them?

Kid CldWell I had committed to Hu Hypers and had been working up the stakes, and out of nowhere this brand new format came that massively appealed to the fish. My first instinct was that I should move over as I didn’t want to make the mistake many others did in the past of not adapting to the ever changing world of online poker. But after reading multiple articles telling me Spin and Go's is where hopes and dreams go to die I quickly changed my mind. After some time though, it became more and more apparent that Spin and Go's were the new cash cow of poker.


dolar: And how did you end up in our team? What convinced you to join us?

Kid CldI had become convinced that I could reach the highest limits while being self-taught. I thought I could achieve all my goals by myself. It took me some time to realise that actually this was not the best approach and that having good mentors, or in this case coaches, in your life was the best way to progress to a level you could never imagine. And as a Hu Hyper fan boy, I couldn’t refuse the chance to learn from the guys that crushed $1,000 games. I knew if I followed the best coaches I would get the best results, and I was not disappointed.


dolar: Please, share with us, how did it go for you when you joined Smart Spin? What limit did you start on, how was the journey through the stakes?

Kid CldI started at the $15 games, and with the help of some of the best coaches and actively taking part in many coachings I moved up to the $100 stakes with almost nothing to stop me. I didn’t do it super quick, but it was a very swift journey. However, I don’t think this is the most important part of my journey.

The most important part was playing the first 2 months with very nice results and foolishly getting comfortable. I almost completely stopped attending coachings and lost some of my will for improving. As if I could continue to crush the games forever. Of course, reality brought me back to Earth and after 10 months at the $100's, where my results got gradually worse and worse, I have finally had to drop down in stakes and play the $60 games. Fortunately for me, this has ignited a fire under me to never get comfortable again and to always work hard to stay ahead of the field. I hope this experience can be a lesson for many of you trying to get up the stakes.



dolar: And here is the most important part of this interview - I'd like to officially congratulate you for becoming a Smart Spin coach! That's a great achievement and we hope you will feel good here. I am sure you've got some ideas on how our members can get better at poker. Do you know the more common issues of rookie Spin & Go players?

Kid CldI think the biggest one is the amount of players not questioning or understanding why a certain play may be better than the other. They simply try to remember the spot, or some set of rules and apply them in all sorts of situations. This not only limits your capacity to improve, but also means you misapply a lot of information. I think the most important word in a poker players vocabulary should be "why". I remember, when I was trying to work my way up the spins that I would attend every coaching and I always felt like I was one of the few actively taking part and really forcing the coach to give us the best possible content he can manage.


dolar: What would you like to teach them?

Kid CldI would simply like to teach them the why and not just the best answer. If you can understand why, you put yourself in the best position to reach the highest limits possible.


dolar: You are also one of the captains in our Smart League 2.0 promotion. What do you think about your team? Was there some kind of introduction/meeting in place already?

Kid CldI have nothing but great things to say about my team. I have been handed a truly amazing opportunity to coach some of the most motivated players I know. I have every confidence in them, and we all look forward to the many challenges we will face throughout these next 4-5 months.



dolar: What will the future bring to you, what do you think? What are your goals at this moment?

Kid CldI try not to get too caught up thinking about the future and try to focus on what I’m doing now to achieve my goals. I focus on the journey and not the destination. At this moment I want to get back to crushing the $100 games, I want to win Smart League 2.0, I want to win Top Scorer title, and I want to double my monthly volume. So let's just say I have a busy schedule ahead of me.

dolar: We all at Smart Spin wish you good luck!


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