kidpoker1793 starts a new streaming career

Another Smart Spinner is live on Twitch.

Our player, kidpoker1793, is a man who likes life and poker. Besides this amazing game, he also likes to travel and to play a lot of outdoor sports like basketball, table tennis, adventure sports. Crushing at the $30 stakes, our Indian member wanted to promote this game more in his country and this is how the idea of streaming came to his mind. 


This is how he got to the $30 stake!

kidpoker1793: The main thing which helped me to climb the stakes was my mental setup. I worked very hard to find a solution to all my mistakes and now I know what self-discipline is. The road was bumpy and not smooth at all, but I still love poker with all my heart.


kidpoker1793 and a new twitching career. 

adaeg: Hello, kidpoker1793 and thank you for accepting to this interview. Let's first start with your poker run this year. How is everything going for you? 

kidpoker1793: Poker this year has had a lot of ups and down for me. This taught me some lessons that will be of great help in the future. I started playing with Smart Spin in February and I had some really good months and a few bad months too. In term of variance, basically, I am a better poker player now and I can understand variance much better.


adaeg: Oh, the variance can be quite tough sometimes. What are you doing to get yourself past it?

kidpoker1793: I use Smart Coach regularly to analyze my preflop and postflop leaks. Crushfest strategy is the best strategy out there. I am working to improve my games vs regs by watching productions like Watchmen, Shark Recipe, Great Poker Minds and the reg analysis serries. Soon I will reach $60’s and start crushing there.


adaegThat is a great attitude. Good luck with that plan. Let's get to your Twitch channel. How did streaming come to your mind?

kidpoker1793: In Smart Spin, I became a regional manager for India and I liked that. I decided to start twitching to promote Spin & Go’s in India even more and also to have some streaming experience while playing.


adaeg: What do you do during your live stream?

kidpoker1793: Right now, I am playing 30$ Spin & Go’s and give my views on some difficult spots as they come and of course, I answer in the chat.


adaeg: Do you like it already? Do you feel comfortable when you are streaming? 

kidpoker1793: It’s definitely not easy. It might become easy with some experience and time. Right now I am a beginner. I only did 90 minutes stream, but I have some plans for this channel. During my first session, I played 1 table 30$ spins. There were some problems with the streaming software as the music was too loud and my voice was too low. I will definitely fix it before my next stream. I will start 2 tabling 30$ spins and discuss my thought process in difficult spots and hands, some standard and basic strategy too. I would recommend low stakes players to watch my stream as they might learn some strategies to improve their game.


adaeg: It sounds great. Good luck with the channel, kidpoker1973!


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