kill1509: "I was afraid because I was moving up"

Today we are catching up with a member who achieved SmartNova Elite in just 60 days. We are talking about 600 BI's in EV!

Get ready to meet one of the most promising Smart Spin members!

kill1509 is a former low stakes HU Turbo regular. He'd been playing at $15 stakes for a long time, but it was highly profitable for him. He made over $80,000 in 110,000 games and got placed first in profit at low stakes in 2015! But some mental issues kept him away from higher stakes.

Recently he discovered Spin & Go's and decided to join Smart Spin. Now he is just inches away from the $100's. Read his story here:

kill1509 results
Top: $30's results, bottom: $60's results


Smart Spin: Hello, kill1509, thank you for agreeing on this interview. Well, I'd like to start with simple statement: you are such a beast! In December you were b/e reg at $15, now you are just after achieving SmartNova Elite at $60's and soon you may be playing at $100's. You are a really smart guy and I am interested in what you did before poker. Could you tell us about it?

kill1509: Well, I've been playing poker for almost 7 years. When I started I was at high school. After that I went to the university, I studied International Business.


Smart Spin: How did you start playing poker?

kill1509: I clearly remember one day a long time ago. I met some people hanging out at the parties with more money than others because they had won it playing poker, I think that was the moment when I asked myself "Could poker give me an extra money to spend in my life? It does not seem to be that hard, these people look like they won it very easy." At that moment I decided to join the poker world. I started playing at Pokerstars, of course at the beginning I had to learn the basic rules, what a pair was etc. At that time I was living in Mexico City and I used to play some cash games but nothing special.

I started playing Sit & Go's, 18-, 27-, 45- and 180-man,  but one day I came across Heads-Up games. I liked them and it looked like they liked me.

Here in Mexico, there are a lot of places to play poker, but the majority are cash games. Like five years ago, I started playing HU SnG regularly because I was winning money and it looked easy to me.


Smart Spin: Why did you choose poker and did not follow the work after your studies? Was it difficult to find a job in Mexico?

kill1509: Hahaha, finding a job in Mexico isn't hard, well at least I think so. The hard thing in Mexico is to find a profitable job, or a job that can complete my needs (a lot of people have the same problem). After winning at HUSnG's, there was no job in Mexico that could pay me the same money as I was winning at poker. Of course, I finished my studies anyway.

Besides, I really love poker, some people decide to become a seller, a doctor, an athlete etc. I just decided that I want to become a poker player =) And well, I enjoy playing with people and the best thing is that I am like my own boss.



Smart Spin: At first you were $15 Turbo HUSnG regular. You played over 100,000 games and I am really wondering why you did not move up in stakes.

kill1509: I played for almost three or four years at $15 Turbo HUSnG's, one reason not to move up in stake was because I really liked the traffic at $15's. At higher limits there were a lot of regulars and there was something called "cartel". Every reg is fighting to get an empty lobby and you have to wait until other person sits him, you know what I am talking about, haha, that really annoys me.

But, the real and most important reason I didn't move up is because I think I was afraid, I got into a bad degree of comfort playing $15's, poker was/is my only source of income and well, playing $15's was easy for me, I was thinking that I had no need to improve or move up when I was winning easy money...what a dumb, haha!


Smart Spin: So how did your transition from HU Turbo to Spin & Go's look like? Why did you choose Smart Spin?

kill1509: HUSnG's are dying, the traffic was becoming very bad and I wasn't feeling good while playing, it was boring me, so I started playing a few Spin & Go's. I played like two months regularly, making profit in both of them. In the third month (October) I lost like $900 and I was mad at myself because on my worsts days playing $15 HUSnG's my losts were like -$200 or -$250, so I thought something was going wrong. But definitely I wanted to keep playing Spins, I knew they were profitable and beatable! A friend suggested me to look for a sponsor and not play Spins with my own money until I get more experience at them. I thought he was right and I started looking for stables, I found many, but I don't know why I liked Smart Spin. They gave me the confidence from the first time I talked with them. I mean, "we have unlimited money for our members" - they told me something like that, haha! That sounded good.

Drink with shrimps? Welcome to Mexico


Smart Spin: Was moving up the stakes so easy for you as you are showing us?

kill1509: I started in November, but I had a bad start, it was a little hard to me to adapt to Smart Spin strategy, so in the first month my numbers were red, it took me like 17 days in December to get the money back. I came back from vacations on January 16th, it took me one week to get the promotion to $30's.

At the beginning I was afraid because I was moving up! After years of playing poker, I was MOVING UP! But I played with confidence and since the first day at $30's, I was constantly winning. It took me like one and a half week to get the 100 EV buy-ins and a requiremet to get promoted. But, for some reason, I wasn't ready to move to $60's. I'd been playing whole February and one week ago I was promoted to $60's. Today (March 31th) I achieved the SmartNova Elite status and I earned like 92 EV buy-ins (post rake back). But I understand I can't move up to $100's that fast.  So, for me, the beginning was the hardest thing.


Smart Spin: It's nice to hear you successfully left your comfort zone and started crushing higher buy-ins. Was it only a mental thing or did you also start working on your game outside the tables?

kill1509: I will always think that the mind is something awesome, our best tool, the matter is how we use it. For me, mindset is everything at poker (it's my own opinion), but since I joined the team, I was working a loooot outside the tables to keep my mind healthy. For example, thankfully to a team mate I have realized the importance of a good sleep. That helps us a lot to be more concentrated and to play bettter. Actually, I also love our mindset talks, they are really, really helpfull.

And something delicious to eat after a long session


Smart Spin: You are doing so good at the tables. What is your final goal? Do you have some financial goals?

kill1509: My final goal is to become a winner at $100's, I know that a good player at $100's could win at least $15k-$20k a month and that would be awesome. But right now I am planning to play $60's in a whole April and I would like to start $100's in May.

About financial goals... I don't know, I think that's my biggest leak, I don't have a good control about my finances, but I am really working on it! Of course I would like to earn some money and start investing on something else than poker =)


Smart Spin: That would be really fast promotion to $100's. I wish you good luck! And I am also wondering about the "investing" part. Is poker for you only a start to good life, not something you would like to do for the rest of your life?

kill1509: Of course I would like to play poker the rest of my life, but having just one source of income won't get me rich, that's what I read in a book. Probably the book doesn't know about the money someone can win at Spin & Go's, haha. Besides, I think having another income could help a lot to my lifestyle. I am planning to have a family in the future (not soon but in the future) and I will spend some time with them, that means a little less time to play. Having other incomes helps our mindset. A few years ago I read "The Poker Mindset", it's a famous book, that book talked a lot about the fact to be desensitized to the money.

Playing with Smart Spin Team, I have had a lot of successes on that side =)

Here in Mexico there have been talks about introducing a law to regulate poker. That could be something really bad to me, but actually, I wouldn't care to relocate to other country to keep playing.


Smart Spin: Some time ago I talked to other Smart Spin member who moved to Mexico and he was very excited about your country. "There is always something to do", he said. Of course that's different for you, you've been living there your whole life. My question is also related to your last answer: what is keeping you there? What's so awesome about Mexico?

kill1509: I'm in Mexico because here is my whole life, family and friends. Actually that's what is keeping me here. Mexico is a great place to stay, and that's even more true when you live by the beach in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. I do.




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04/04/2016 14:09:09

Great interview! I made a joke once that with first four letters of your nickname this was inevitable you gonna make SmartNova Elite sooner or later :). Keep it up!


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good read

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