killuifuplay reviews his session at $500 Spin & Go's!

He's been unleashed - watch out!

killuifuplay returns with the third episode of 'Unleashed'!

He is back at the tables and lately, he has been playing $500 Spin & Go's with over 50 cEV/game over one thousand games - a decent score, we must say!

But the session he is going to review here didn't go well for him. In twenty-seven games (which is not a sample you need to concern about, as you may remember) he lost a massive amount of $EV. Single sessions with such a negative score don't happen often, but they do happen sometimes.

You may feel frustrated and angry, but it's the situation where you can shine. This also happens to your opponents, so make the difference in how you react to it. killuifuplay gives you some tips on what you can do.

He also reached out to our top members who are also playing at $500's: CuAt69UsdSng, blooming94, mabtins, imbaskadi and Chrobson. Even though he is a legendary heads-up player, he still works with people that can teach him something.

After this short introduction, he moves on to reviewing those hands. He shows you the spots where he made mistakes and talks about different lines which were suggested by the players we mentioned above.

The great thing is that this video is available to $7+ players. Enjoy!




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