KMWTW PDK wins $6,000!

Do you know that feeling when...

Do you know that feeling when you are playing for big bucks, and the game at the 20/40 looks like it has just started?

KMWTW PDK already experienced it. The tournament did not move an inch till this blind level, and we needed to see a classic blind versus blind shove and a call to have one of the players eliminated. In the A7 vs A3 battle, in which our member was not involved, the lesser hand won and got us to heads-up where it was time for the Smart Spin player to shine.

He did not care about being a 2:1 underdog. In almost 20 hands and without any all-ins, he quickly gained a lead winning many small pots and started putting pressure on his opponent. In the final hand, his opponent shoved 65 and got snap called by our member who was holding QT. A queen on the flop secured his win and got him a nice payday!

Congratulations KWMTW PDK for winning $6,000 at the $30 Spin & Go!



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