kurzatvvarz: "I surely did not expect my cEV to improve so much"

Winrate against recreational players was the only thing keeping him away from $100's!

kurzatvvarz has reached $100 Spin & Go's!

And he did that with style. A former HU player who joined Smart Spin in September at $30's because he's been having troubles with recreational players.

Oh, wouldn't we all like to have only that one issue, right?

Fortunately, we've got a big number of materials focused on that aspect of the game ("Crushfest" comes to mind first). After putting that knowledge to use, kurzatvvarz just stormed through the stakes:

That's 61cEV/game after 3,000 tournaments at the $60 Spin & Go's!

We don't have many former HU cash players, but you can tell that Spin & Go's are where treating them well. We've got a very pleasant talk with kurzatvvarz about what's so attractive about Spin & Go's:


Smart Spin: Hi, kurzatvvarz! Congratulations on reaching the $100 Spin & Go's, it didn't take you long. Was it easier than you expected?

kurzatvvarz: Before I joined Smart Spin, I played 7,000 tournaments at $60's with 43 cEV, but it was just too low to attack $100's. I felt pretty confident against regular players, but I didn't know how to maximalize my profit against recreation players. After I joined Smart Spin, I got this knowledge on the silver plate, but I surely did not expect my cEV to improve so much and it will take me so little time to end up at $100's.


Smart Spin: Most often, people complain on playing against regs. However, you are a quite experienced HU player, could you share your history with us?

kurzatvvarz: Before, I had been playing Heads-Up cash and I was a reg at NL200 Zoom. About 90% of games were against regs. Unfortunately, higher stakes were practically dead and while taking shots at NL400, I ended up playing with the guys from $1,000 anyway. So, I was just building my bankroll and trying to straight away conquer $1,000 games, haha! I think I tried that three times and all three tries ended with me being break even. When I had finally decided to focus on improving, heads-up games started to dry out. I had been trying MTTs, but I just couldn't imagine myself sitting there without any break and finishing when I want to. In 2016, I decided to take up the Spin & Go's.


Good life! (Croatia)


Smart Spin: Didn't you think to try HU SnGs? They seem like a natural next step after HU cash.

kurzatvvarz: I am not very fond of cartels, I think the same about SpinWiz or today's sitting script for 6-max cash games. I believe it's a way to deceive recreational players. They think they play agains random players which is not true.

I am very happy that SpinWiz got banned, though the earnings of regular players might have gone down because of that.


Smart Spin: With your experience, I believe you would have a good start there. So, Spin & Go's... did they attract you with the vision of hitting jackpot or are you more to the ground guy, who looks at the regular income?

kurzatvvarz: Regular income was on the first place, but the possibility to hit jackpot make grinding really pleasant. This year I only managed to hit one x120 at the $60's. I didn't focus on spinning numbers, I only saw my table changing color and for a second, before I checked the number, my heart started racing. "IS THAT $720k?!?!" A great feeling!


And the final table of ESPT Marbella event


Smart Spin: Don't you think that there is a little gambler in every Spin & Go player?

kurzatvvarz: They say that the variance in Spin & Go's is huge, so that would be accurate. Fortunately, it has avoided me so far :)


Smart Spin: Okay, you are at $100's, what's the plan now?

kurzatvvarz: Getting to 43-50 cEV, learning full ring cash to travel around world and take part in the live events, regularly visiting gym and living the life :)


Smart Spin: That's what this is all about! Good luck!

kurzatvvarz: Thanks for the interview!


Join kurzatvvarz and other players at Smart Spin Team!



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