kylsonn1: "Joining Smart Spin was the best decision"

From 180-Man to the highest stakes of Spin & Go's. Five months ago at $7's, today we welcome him in the Diamond group!

I remember talking to him for the first time at the beginning of 2013. At that time, he was a 180-Man grinder and he felt in love with Matt Damon's quote:

"There is something cool about being good at poker."

Not surprisingly, he is still playing poker, but he is a totally different man now. 180-Man got replaced by Spin & Go's and his mindset has been trough some changes as well.

kylsonn1 joined Smart Spin in May and during those five months, he's been giving his best to reach the highest stakes of Spin & Go's. He has finally made it and he has accomplished that with almost $20,000 in EV!


From 180-Man to $100 Spin & Go's

dolareq: Hello, kylsonn1! Congratulations on your promotion to the $100 Spin & Go's! How do you feel, how difficult was it?

kylsonn1Hey, I feel pretty awesome, you know - like I achieved something special :) When I joined Smart Spin I obviously wanted to advance in stakes as fast as possible and to play as high as I am able to. I knew that that was a long way not only volume-wise, but also with the amount of time which was needed to be spent on self-improvement, understanding completely different styles of play and getting used to wider ranges. I honestly feel like joining Smart Spin was the best decision I've made in a long time.


dolareqI remember talking to you for the first time three and a half year ago. At that moment, you were a 180-Man grinder with a great future ahead of you. How do you recall those times?

kylsonn1I definitely could do better. 2013 was great in terms of ROI and volume, but I lost that volume consistency in 2014. I just got a bit bored of 180's I guess. I recall those times great because of the friendships I've made. We had our own skype channel called "aggromonkeys" :) It was a group of 180's regs from Poland, there wasn't a day without 1,000 messages in it, we had been talking about everything and nothing. Also, we went for some live events like EPT Prague and Eureka Marbella.


dolareqAny luck there? Do you still plan on playing some live games?

kylsonn1No luck there. But after day 1 in Marbella I remember us talking and laughing with Koczwi and some polish MTT regs about my KK hand. Basically, 200bb deep I 4betted utg+1 with KK and called down on Q767x. My opponent had 76s and I remember it was Rob Tinnion, the guy who won Sunday Million twice. But yeah - I feel a lot more aware now that there is much more postflop at Spin & Go's than at 180's :)

I'd like to play EPT Prague, last time I was there I really enjoyed it. Christmas time in Prague is something I would recommend to anyone.


dolareqI am bringing it up because 180-Man players are the real grinders, they just cannot laze around, volume was crucial for them to survive. Did that help you here, at Spin & Go's? Or is it a totally different world?

kylsonn1Well, I'm probably gonna brag a bit now, but I've always had one of the best ROI's at 180's, so the profit someone else did in 4,000 games, most of the times I could do in 2,000. Like I wrote before, the only year I'm satisfied with my volume was 2013.

I guess what I did take from 180's is the capability of playing long sessions with lots of tables (there were times when I played 30+), being constantly focused. In those games you can't just leave whenever you feel like it, you need to grind those 55 minutes for 5 minute break, and repeat that for like 6-7 hours.



"HU HT regs are most aware of how Hold'em is supposed to be played"

dolareq: Was that the reason why you moved to Spin & Go's?

kylsonn1180's died, I always liked HU HT format and I heard that the amount of knowledge you guys share is overwhelming. We all heard about Dan Colman or Olivier Busquet who just hopped into live games, a new format for them, and they crushed. I mean, the One Drop and the €50,000 Super High Roller at EPT Barcelone in which they played heads-up against each other. In my opinion, HU HT regs are most aware of how Texas Hold'em is supposed to be played and I'm here to learn.


dolareqYeah, and we can't forget about our founders who were in the same league as Colman and Busquet. What did you hear about them before you joined Smart Spin?

kylsonn1I knew they were crushing, but in most cases they refused to share their results which is reasonable - why would you give your opponent the information that you are better than him? You don't want him to run away, right?

Before I joined Smart Spin, I had watched every FCDPlayer's video about playing HU HT on different stacksizes and I had heard bakudranski likes analyzing more than playing :) I am not sure if that's true, I am just repeating what I heard at that time.

What's important for me and what I believe we grinders forget sometimes is that we are the ones copying strategy they came up with. Could I come up with that myself? Probably not, so I choose to be humble and use word "crusher" a bit less. They are the true ones. So when some reg at my stakes makes a move which may seem silly, I'd rather not laugh at him because if he had done all the work himself to be there - he's the true winner and I'm here because I chose the easy way.



"I'm the best example that Smart Euro/League promotions are priceless"

dolareqI'd also like to praise you for the short time of your Spin & Go journey. You moved all the way up from $7's in just five months (with almost one month break in August!). Amazing! How did you work on your game?

kylsonn1Yeah, that's awesome, I hadn't seen that coming in May :) I guess the most important part was the Smart Euro and having my sensei Faldorn07 as our team captain. I said it like a 100 times already, now I have an opportunity to say it in public. He sacrificed a lot of his time to tell me where I make the most mistakes and how to play these games and I'm grateful forever.


dolareqI think Faldorn07 will be very pleased hearing this. Have you worked on your game with anyone else?

kylsonn1We have a lot of sweats with Zuber85 now in our Smart League team and it's very helpful. But if you're asking about 1-on-1 like with Papa Przemo, then I guess not. I have a friend who is in Smart Spin and who's grinding lower stakes now and we talk sometimes about hands.


dolareqSo, first Smart Euro, now Smart League... These kinds of promotion really do help, right?

kylsonn1I'm the best example that those promotions are priceless for small/mid stakes grinders. We have an opportunity to understand the ways that the top guys think and sometimes you can even work with them individually. It would be stupid not to take advantage of it.


dolareqIn September you took up the challenge of playing 4,000 games in a month. Well... as I heard, you failed to complete it. What happened?

kylsonn1Yeah, I failed. Ive been having some troubles with my health so I couldn't grind. Oxidosiss was kind enough and we could reach some middle ground on it, gg!


dolareq: That was not a good month for you, but I am interested to know what has changed in October, in which you defeated $60's with 55 cEV per game.

kylsonn1Well, those last two months I had a little bit less time to grind. I played like a half of what I wanted to. What I like about $60's is that while playing a hand it's not necessarily about what you have, it's more often about what you could have. That's because of the amount of regs you fight against. Maybe understanding that made my cEV increase, I'm not sure.



Balance in poker and life

dolareqThree and a half year ago we talked about the balance of life and poker. How are you doing in this area today?

kylsonn1Well, I'm rather a calm kind of person, the introver kind, you can call me boring if you want :) Last time we talked, those were student times, much more fun than now. Now, I'd rather go mushrooming, I distanced myself too much. So, yeah, I think I should work more in that area.


dolareqHa, so is it time for kylsonn1 to settle down? I just won't believe you don't have anything crazy to do in your bucket list!

kylsonn1There are some things I'd like to do :) And the chances for them to be done just increased a lot. I'd like to visit some places and spend a while there to get to know new cultures. For example, one of my teammates has been living in Thailand for last couple of years and I'm very curious of how different their lifestyle is, how it is to live in a paradise your whole life. Just google "Thailand" and look at those pictures! For me, the dream would be like: 3 years of living in 6 different countries.


dolareqWhat about poker goals? You are already at $100's, what's left for you? Money, money, money?

kylsonn1I guess I need to prove myself that I'm good enough to be at $100's and to work on those different areas, other than poker. The true grind begins, final bosses ;)

dolareq: Good luck, man! Beat the hell ouf ot them!


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30/10/2016 19:46:45

Hi. congratz Kylsonn, even with problems along they way You made to diamond super fast, so big congratz and wish You more succeses in future.

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