Let's have some fun!

Laughing about ourselves is a great medicine!

You know that you do all kind of faces while you are sitting at your computer and you crush your opponents? 

If you don't, you are about to be very surprised. If you do, you are about to be very surprised too. Either way, we hope you will also have a good laugh. 

Let's see some of the faces that a poker player has during the grinding sessions.


the angry "Show me what you've got" face

When you are looking your opponent in the eye trying to intimidate him but in fact, you are staring at the computer.



the melting "my eyes are giving up on me" face

When you play and the game is very long, the opponent is using all his time bank, and the time is passing too damn slow.




the sleeping "for just a minute" face 

When you are waiting for a seat and you closed the eyes just for a second.



the "praying to the River" face

When all you need is a specific card on the river and then Earth will be your Heaven.



The happy "I was born for this" face 

When you are feeling confident, strong, ready to face any opponent. There is no one in the world to beat you. You are ready. 



The "ready for battle" face

When the opponent shows signs of aggressiveness and you are tired of playing it cool, you put your bandana and shout. The game is starting. Your opponent better know what he is doing because you are ready to attack him.



the "giving it all up" face

When you know you are losing this game, but still, you need to play until you have no more chips left.




The power "this prize is mine" face

When you know you are winning but you still need to play until your opponent has zero chips left. 


Next time you play, make some selfies without any preparation and look at them during your break. For sure, you will have some good time! 

If you feel in your power, show us what you've got!

Faces or no faces, good luck at the tables!




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