Let's start the Anger Management course together!

We have many reasons to be angry. Let's see what we can learn from whys0serious!

Very often anger is just an outcome of something not going our way. Whether it is a lost flip, an annoying opponent, a bad beat or maybe a bad run that just keeps on going, somehow the rage comes to you, and you are losing it.

Sometimes, a low amount of anger is good when you are struggling with motivation, and you need that small push to do what's required of you. Then, the frustration arising out of your bad financial situation, your current living conditions or the poor prospect for the future may give you enough reason to sit a few hours more at the tables or study a bit more extensively.

But most of the time, anger clouds your judgement and rational thinking. You do things that you would usually never do. Your decision process suffers greatly, and even though it's been repeating for some time, you have no idea what happens to you when you simply become "mad".

It's time to change this behaviour and find a little calm space in your brain. With the help of whys0serious, you have an opportunity to make your head steady and ready to work. Start fighting your anger with the newest course that is available for all Smart Spin and Smart Backing members:


Anger Management

Module 1





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