Smart Marathon is knocking at your door!

Here is your prize! So run Forest, run!


Smart Spin’s community grows every day and we really want to thank you for being part of it. Your commitment, your initiative and desire to learn more is what makes Smart Spin the greatest poker school of all. All your hard work makes this community stronger and stronger. But grinding is not the only thing we do around here!  It is time we all got together in Poland for a weekend full of surprises. The fourth Live Community Event will take place between 24th and 26th of July

Here is what some of the last attendees said about this event:

That weekend was awesome! Getting to know the person behind the nickname is great. Of course, adding some alcohol and some more alcohol makes things reaaaally great (laughs). This kind of event is a great opportunity to know the team, the other players, the coaches and the founders. They`re all amazing people and all of those skype chats look different after that party. TIP: If you have the opportunity to go by bus with the guys, TAKE IT! Trust me, it`s a snap call! :))) –ALEX-RSN

Event was very nice. Meeting all the players, coaches and founders was very inspiring and gave me a positive boost. You could chat there with anybody and learn a lot from them. Also you can get drunk. My advice for Smart Marathon: Don't force yourself too much. Let me win your spot in this event. – imjubei2:  

I had to make a long trip from Mexico and it was very expensive. Maybe this is why I was kind of expecting more from it. But on the good side, and probably what I liked the most, was getting to know in person some of the people I only knew from Skype. So if your ticket is not too expensive, go to this event! I am sure you will enjoy meeting fellow players, coaches, or even founders. –vherreral1

The event was great! The best thing was to get to know the people from Smart Spin – the ones that we play together and against. And it’s pretty interesting to meet so many people with the same interests as you. I had the chance to bond with some great people. Skype chat is fine but this was way better! –imbaskadi  

It’s not a surprise that the founders and coaches are the stars of the event. We all want to see their faces live! And after the „omg he said hello to me” excitement you can enjoy all the activities we prepared for you.  


Smart Spin will take care of the bills, so everything you need to do is get there. This is an event for all of us, to celebrate and to honor those long and successful grinding hours which we all endure in order to have this amazing life! Don't plan on visiting the city, you won't have time for that. Here is a peak to the Live Event: 

  • A big football tournament,
  • Wipeout-like obstacle course,
  • Archery tag,
  • Gaming room,
  • FIFA tournament,
  • Barbeque in the evening,
  • Smart League awards ceremony,
  • ... and much more!

From year to year, we want this event to be better and this year’s will be the best edition so far.This time our Live Community Event will be held near Warsaw between 24th and 26th of July. The location will be announced to the winners only.

We prepared five spots at our next Live Event to give away. Follow the rules and win one of the tickets we have for you!  The Smart Marathon is your way to the Live Community Event.

Good luck and may the best ones win!



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