Look at what we prepared for our members in September!

So many coachings and strategy videos to choose from!

We are the school which never took a break; never heard of Summer, and our faces have never been shown to the sun light. We keep working in the undergrounds, crafting the most profitable strategy for Spin & Go's.

Well... That may be a slight exaggeration, but it's partially true. September is just another month when we give shape to our ideas; this is a never-ending process of work and improvement!

While our members are working on themselves, we do the same to constantly better our offer. Check out what you can expect in September:


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"How much can you talk about Spin & Go's alone?"

If you've ever asked yourself this question, then we will answer you with this picture:



"A lot" is what we say!

There are different ways of teaching our members how to play; this month we will focus on these in particular:


Smart Super Star - CuAt69UsdSng's big series continues this month! He talks with the best Smart Spin members to show you how they handle things at the tables, how they think, and how they've made it to the top!

Live Plays - this is the most common practice of teaching people how to play poker. We do it too, but our high-level players are showing you winning ways across all stakes. You will see videos from both $7 and $100 Spin & Go's, as well as everything in-between them!

Game Plans - having a rock solid game plan is one of the most important factors which decide whether you are a winning player or not. This month we will be focusing on that part of your development, so you know how to put all this knowledge we give you together.

Game Flow - it is another concept which will be discussed more frequently this month. We want you to be aware of what is going on at the tables and how to always be one step ahead of your rivals. Understanding the flow of the game plays a big role here.

Crushfest - can you imagine a month without Crushfest? In September, we will give you more ideas on how to win against recreational players, aiming our attention at these three situations in the BBvsSB scenario: defending against continuation bets, opportunities to bet on the flop, and continuation betting after isolating our limping rival. We can't wait! How about you?


We expect one more great month for Smart Spin members as recently we witnessed another record-breaking result. We plan to keep breaking these records!


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