Mindset Book is your ultimate collection for brain improvement!

We worked for long time on this, but finally, we are able to release it!

We've been releasing plenty of videos, coachings, webinars and articles which are aiming to boost the most important tool in your arsenal - your brain. Looking at all these materials, we were sure that all of them give you an excellent insight on how you should work on improving yourself and thus, collecting more money at the tables.

However, we also noticed that it's difficult for you to find a certain topic you would like to master. With 30 to 60-minute videos on our site, you might have missed a lot of useful content which we provided you.

This is how the idea of the Mindset Book appeared in our minds!



We prepared for you almost 500 mindset video clips which will be regularly uploaded on our site. That's an enormous amount!

What's more, we segregated them and put them into nine different categories, so you can have an even easier time finding them:

  • Emotions - they are running wild when you do not control them. A good poker player can be easily spotted on how he reacts to the ever-changing situation at the tables and how he keeps his cool away from the tables.
  • Health - your body and mind are inseparable. When one of them is in trouble, the other suffers. With these pieces of advice, you can learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good condition.
  • Learning - one of the most important skills in life. How can you widen your horizons when your learning process doesn't help you with remembering things and spotting correlations? This is why we covered this topic as well.
  • Literature - the most important books for poker players to read. Our coaches give you titles which will improve your life, not only at the tables.
  • Motivation - this is the difference between waking up in the morning full of joy and trying to stay in bed as long as you can. Motivation itself may be dangerous if it's a temporary thing, but you can learn how to make it a lasting experience.
  • Planning - a crucial thing for every living being. You need a goal (or goals) in life which will contribute to your motivation. It boosts your performance and gives you a good insight on whether you are on a good path to reach what you want.
  • Routine - preparation is everything. You need to put yourself in the state of full awareness and being ready for whatever comes at you. Without routine, you are practically wasting EV in the first 15 minutes of your session.
  • Tilt - are you angry at something? Are you getting blindfolded by some actions your opponent takes? Are you not happy with certain parts of the game? Everything can lead to tilt and cost you money. Don't let that happen!
  • Work Ethic - you probably do not play the game with some tv show running on the second screen, but that doesn't mean your work ethic is perfect. There is much more to it and since you make a living off poker, then you should treat it seriously!



There are many experienced coaches in the Smart Spin Team and you can tell that they've got a huge amount of knowledge to share with you. We are not talking here about the poker guidance here because they also stumbled across many mindset obstacles on their path to the highest stakes. They were able to figure them out and boost their game to the next level.

We also had many unique individuals who made a life out of teaching people how to control their emotions. We were visited by psychologists, hypnotherapists and mental teachers; all of them added their contribution to this mindset book.

Whose advice can you find there?

killuifuplay - the most dangerous player at the $1,000 HU HT tables. We've been regularly writing articles about his approach to poker, so if you enjoy some additional reading material, check out his series '10 Things Why They Jumped'.

iJustGamble - our famous $1,000 player who is not afraid to play in the big games just for the fun which comes with it. He is a poker millionaire and has a lot to say about having a positive attitude at the tables and hoping for the best when things do not go your way.

ytrer - the top Spin & Go player in the world. He achieved over half a million of $EV and it shows both a lot of skill and dedication to grind. His GrindFest series had massively positive feedback, so you can be sure that you will find some of his advice here!

CuAt69UsdSng - one of our Head Coaches who takes a lot of joy out of poker. Previously a successful MTT player, he focused entirely on Spin & Go's and he is not disappointed by the results! He's got a lot to say about work ethic and motivation and this alone can help you make the poker experience a lot more pleasant.

whys0serious - Smart Spin's psychologist who recorded many invaluable videos for our community. He is also the one who responds to your tickets every Tuesday and Thursday, having a good experience of the issues of every aspiring poker player.

Jared Tendler - a true legend of poker mindset, a well-known psychologist with over nine years of experience, and a man who has coached over 450 poker players. He is widely known for his "Mental game of poker" books.

Dariusz Parzelski - a Polish psychologist with large experience of working with athletes and poker players. He knows the struggles of people taking part in competitive games and presents a new interesting look at different mindset issues.

Tommy Angelo - he started playing full-time poker in 1990. He has written 100 poker articles, for Poker Digest Magazine, Bluff Magazine, and PokerNews.com. He has coached over 100 clients, including some rockstars, such as Phil Galfond and David Benefield.

Leszek Badurowicz - a poker psychology specialist, a graduate of Finance and Banking at Gdansk University of Technology and Sports Psychology at SWPS Sopot. He has built his knowledge at the largest poker educational sites like PokerStrategy or Runitonce. He also published his own book titled "Mental Edge".


Find all of them in our Mindset Book!






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