Monday Challenge: find your poker partner!

We'd like to remind you that learning poker with other person is far more effective!

When looking for some famous poker duos, you don't have to dig through countless interviews available on the internet. The perfect examples are right here, in Smart Spin!

killuifuplay and bakudranski. FCDplayer and iJustGamble.

At some moment in their lives, they decided to abandon the loneliness of playing online poker and make important step forward. Those moments defined their futures at the high stakes HU HTs and made them find lifetime friendships. They took all they could and for sure they do not regret it now!


Now, it's your turn to follow our leaders. Why do you think we give you so many opportunities to socialize with other Spin & Go players?

We know the value of it!

This week, we repeat our Monday's Challenge:


Find your poker partner


If you click the link above, you will head to our forum thread where it will be much easier for you to get to know fellow Smart Spin members.


And to help you make that step, we'd like to remind you what our founders can tell about working with other poker players:


If it hadn’t been for Baku I am sure I would have never achieved what I achieved and I am sure he can say the same about me. Baku was a factor X for me. The decisive puzzle I needed in my jigsaw. Something clicked in my head after I had met him. I had this “flash moment”, it is even hard to explain, I felt inside my head that I finally understood it. I shared this vision with him instantly and we have never looked back.

Now he is one of the greatest friends I have and I have no doubts that it will be a lifetime friendship. ~ from the Interview with killuifuplay


We spent a lot of time together, breaking more and more records. During our cooperation, I progressed from low to high stakes, whereas Killu - from high stakes to nosebleeds. I felt wonderful being his closest poker partner at the time when he was becoming the world’s HU legend. ~ from the Interview with bakudranski


FCD was climbing up the stakes and I also needed to make one step forward. It was a small rivalry with him in my head, a healthy one and based on common gain. When we didn’t party hard, we spent countless hours talking about the game theory.

At this time, when I was trying to gain my spot at the higher stakes, I was living with FCD. His analytical mind and everyday support had definitely helped me to finish my quest. With some very good results :) ~ from the Interview with iJustGamble


I met iJustGamble through a charity called „Szlachetna Paczka”, organized by Banis. ytrer went on a trip around the world and played on the go, and I moved to a new apartment, where along with iJustGamble we kept conquering HU Hypers.

iJustGamble and I would grind HU Hypers all day long. ~ from the Interview with FCDplayer


Follow them and push both of you to the edge of your limits!


Find your poker partner



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