Monday Challenge: plan your December

The year is almost over; this is your last chance to improve and reach your yearly goals. Make them count!

We are almost at the finish line of 2017 and this last straight is as important as all of your previous months. If not more.

December tends to be a more chaotic time for all poker players who are trying to reach their goals and prepare for the next year. With your world revolving around Christmas holidays, you may feel overwhelmed and without time to do much in regards to poker.

Do you know what's good for this madness? Scheduling your days and creating clear, obtainable goals for December!


This is your Monday Challenge for this week:


Plan your December!


Scheduling days is the easiest way to improve your life and get things done.

Remember: if you don't hit your goals with 100% accuracy, even if you accomplish only half of what you want to do, it's still far better than zero!

Next time, you can repeat this process and try to reach a higher number, so don't get discouraged if something doesn't go your way.


Where to start?

We know how difficult it may be to create good goals, so we will give you a couple of reasonable propositions on what you can do in December.

The playing part is an important part of your poker journey, but we will leave that for you to decide how much time you want to spend at the tables or how many tournaments to open every day.

We encourage you to look at our example of goals for December and add them to your own list:

  • Participate in 'Take and Share'
  • Watch 4 mindset videos
  • Send a ticket to whys0serious
  • Examine and improve one position
  • Use Smart Coach every day for 15 minutes
  • Watch (or rewatch) two positions of Crushfest
  • Analyse 30 hands using FlopZilla
  • Study two positions from our charts (+finish quizzes)
  • Get to know 1 Smart Spin member and study at least once with him
  • Use warm-ups/cooldowns with your sessions
  • Meditate (HeadSpace/Primed Mind)
  • Sweat three times a week (walking, gym, jogging, swimming, dancing lessons, fighting club etc.)
  • Add 4 healthy habits to your life
  • ...


A good habit is to take your list and divide all your goals into weeks (and even days!) of December. There are tasks which need to be repeated daily, but some of them can be scheduled into particular weeks. Here is an example of how it can work:

Crushfest Week:

  • Watch and make notes of HU SB/BB Crushfest videos
  • Work with Smart Coach on HU SB/BB positions every day
  • Analyse 7 hands from HU SB/BB. Post them on our forum.
  • Learn HU SB/BB charts
  • Participate in 'Take and Share'
  • Study your mindset. At what point do your mindset issues appear? What situations trigger you? Write it down.
  • Add 1 healthy habit: start meditating in the morning
  • Plus all daily habits

Mindset Week:

  • Watch 2 mindset videos related to things you wrote in the previous week
  • Send a ticket to whys0serious
  • Get to know 1 Smart Spin member and schedule a study session with him
  • Repeat your knowledge of charts
  • Analyse 7 hands. Post them on our forum.
  • Add 1 healthy habit: schedule your sleep
  • Plus all daily habits

Coaching Week:

  • Attend two Smart Spin coachings. Make notes.
  • Rewatch videos from the coachings. Check your notes.
  • Check out the positions you talked about during coaching in Smart Coach
  • Analyse 7 hands from that position. Post them on our forum.
  • Schedule one more study session with your coaching partner
  • Add 1 healthy habit: drink a lot of water during the day. Leave the bottle of water standing on your desk while playing.
  • Plus all daily habits

Positions Week:

  • Improve your worst position (or game against regs)
  • Learn the charts from your position
  • Watch one Crushfest video about that position
  • Analyse 7 hands from that position. Post them on our forum.
  • Study that position in Smart Coach every day
  • Add 1 healthy habit: don't get too wasted during holidays
  • Plus all daily habits

Break it down into days and suddenly, this list does not seem so scary. It's a good start if you haven't done such a thing before.


Are you still not sure where to start? Watch "Time Management" video produced by whys0serious!



Good luck!



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03/12/2017 18:36:09

Would be nice if you guys would place something similar regards new year


27/11/2017 19:38:16

wow seems worthy to input

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