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Mankind has been using arts for communicating emotions since ages. We express ourselves through paintings, through written pieces and of course, through music. This is how we show to the world the things for which we can't find the right words. And listening to music definitely brings emotions to the surface. This is why we dance. This is why we sing the lyrics out loud. And this is why music is a language, a vibrational language.

An imagination exercise

Imagine the musical notes like little vibrations traveling towards and into your ear. Your eardrum starts vibrating under their influence and decodes their message. Then, the brain receives this message and sends it into the body giving birth to sensations. Your sensory organs react and this is why you get chills sometimes, that's why you just have to get up and dance sometimes. You start "feeling" the music in your body. Actually what you feel is already a translation of the sounds made by the brain, in order for you to understand them. Physical sensations represent our brain's way of expressing the effect of music. Do you have a song that does that to you right from the first beat?

Now, remember your favorite song. Which one is it? You really like it because it "moves" you in some way. Why don't you just play it right now and continue reading. Go ahead. And this time pay attention to what is happening in your body. Which sensations you feel first? You will definitely have the same reactions you had when you've first heard this song. That state of mind when you don't realize you are shaking your head a little bit. The feeling that makes you say "man, this is a great beat" and to turn up the volume.



The benefits of music

Music is a big part of our life. We listen to music everywhere: at home, in the car, during shopping. So, keeping in mind that we need to be focused, motivated, entertained - what should we listen while grinding? Well, that's a mystery. At Smart Spin we usually have all the answers, but music is so diverse. It affects every person in a completely different way, because after all ... we are all humans. We are all unique. From classical music to rock'n'roll, from pop to hip-hop and instrumental beats, you can always choose what suits you best and keeping that in mind, here are some areas where music brings great benefits:

Emotion. Music creates a virtual environment in which you can express your emotions freely. 

Focus. When you want to be more focused, choose some familiar songs, because the new songs will work as a distraction.

Motivation and adapting. If you have a not so pleasant task, listening to music will make it more bearable thus helping you adapt.

Mood changing. If you are on a "low battery mood" listen to an upbeat song, something that makes you feel good. And if you are too pumped up, listen to a soothing song like nature sounds or instrumental songs.

Involvement. You can use music to help you be more involved in what you are doing or to maintain a more detached approach.

Multitasking is not your forte? It would be better to keep your soundtracks as simple as possible.

RelaxationDon't force yourself into listening to relaxation music. Some people just don't like it.  

Clearing the mind. Use music to change your focus or to close the night. This way your mind will easily go from one thing to another and from the active state to the sleeping state.

Socializing. Music brings people together and it also makes them built strong bonds.


And last but not least: You have to like the music you listen to in order to benefit from it and this video is the proof of it:



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