Nerineja85: "Thanks to Smart Spin, I can play at the highest stakes"

Over $100,000 in EV, a top Smart League player... Why haven't we talked to him before?

Nerineja85 has been with us for over a year and, ignoring the very bottom of Spin & Go's stakes, he got familiar with every limit there is.

A Polish guy living in UK, he knows a lot about working to the bone.

He called his "former him" an average $30's player. He's changed his attitude and now he can show you such a graph:

Learn more about our Diamond player and one of the top Smart Spin members:


Smart Spin: Hey, Nerineja85! I'm quite amazed about the fact that I did not talk to you sooner because you are one of the top players in Smart League. Tell me, how do you like this promotion?

Nerineja85: Hello. Better late than never :D Personally, I think that this promotion is the best thing that could have happened to me at this moment. I concentrate on playing, my volume is going up (previously the biggest issue for me), but most importantly, I don't want to let down my teammates. It's a big motivational kick and if someone is serious about Spin & Go's, it's the best time to improve. Overall, a lot of benefits, no downsides.


Smart Spin: Many people may not recognize you, that's why I'd like to talk a little about your past. Are Spin & Go's the only format you've ever played?

Nerineja85: It's not my first format, I started my poker journey from NL cash, but micro stakes bored me, so I moved to PLO where I got to PLO50. For some time, I had been fighting with variance (at that time I thought it was the most variance heavy format) before collecting my first MTT win and trying my luck there. Finally, I joined Smart Spin. I remember I had two options at that time. I could start taking MTT more seriously or I could join Smart Spin. I chose the latter and I honestly do not regret it.


Smart Spin: I am curious, why did you choose Spin & Go's?

Nerineja85: It was a time when it was loud about MTT's being no longer profitable and Spin & Go's were a new poker format with a lot of weak players. I decided it would be for the best. There was an additional advantage. At Spin & Go's, you can grind whenever you want. It's a huge comfort and convenience.


Smart Spin: You joined us more than a year ago, having only 58 cEV at the $3 Spin & Go's. It's been a long journey, hasn't it? How did it look like, moving up the stakes?

Nerineja85: I thought I had better results, apparently I was not doing so hot :D You could say I was lucky that I got in. As I remember, I moved up to $60's pretty quickly, but I got stuck there. It was mainly my fault, being lazy etc. I decided to change my attitude which resulted in a quick promotion to $100's.


Smart Spin: What did you change in your attitude?

Nerineja85: At that time, I got downgraded to $30's (despite not so bad results), but I was well aware I did not give my best. Truthfully, I did not mind I moved down. It turned out that it was the best that could have happened to me. One step backward to make two forward.

I had two options, either I will start doing my best and move up or I will just forever be an average guy at $30's. I organized my working hours, which I had never done before, I started learning more and overall take it more seriously. I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I know I am moving towards something good.


Smart Spin: How did Smart Spin help you in that journey? Which materials have you been using the most?

Nerineja85: How did Smart Spin help me? In short: when you've got the chance to work with the best coaches in the world, you don't have to wait long for results to appear. I was working mostly with our videos, I analysed thoroughly every thing I learned from them. There is a ton of good productions and everyone will find something that suits him.

I was also active on our forum. It's a true gold mine with hand reviews and mindset help.


Smart Spin: Now you are competing against the best Spin & Go players and I must say you are doing great! Aren't you a little stressed about playing over 30 times higher stakes than you played a year ago?

Nerineja85: Why should I be nervous? A little stress and a small dose of excitement were there when I attacked a new limit for the first time, but after some time I was just eager to play higher. From the very start I wanted to play at the highest stakes and thanks to Smart Spin, it was just a matter of time when that happened.


Smart Spin: After five rounds of Smart League you are $1,500 short of ytrer's first place in the Top Scorer competition. What our readers don't know is that you also took a break in the fourth round and did not play a single game! Don't you regret it now? You might have been at the top.

Nerineja85: Oh, I did not know I am so close. Generally, I try not to pay attention to this, I will play the best poker I know and my results will always be the secondary issue. We all know how this game can be, we have zero influence over some things.

About my absence: I just needed to skip that round and, honestly, you never know what could have happened. Maybe I would got hit by a downswing and we wouldn't talk right now :D I am happy for the things here and now.


Smart Spin: The way you reacted is interesting. Are you always so calm, even at the tables?

Nerineja85: I know there are people who don't know the meaning of tilt and don't understand how you can spazz your chips away.

Well, at that time I wasn't one of those people and I had my ups and downs. However, right now I can sincerely tell you that I understand that playing solid is the best solution and I am hardly ever nervous at the table. I am happy about it because some time ago I could only dream about this.


Smart Spin: Your team, Lucky Limpers, unfortunately lost its lead in favor of Wolverines. How do you feel after having a tie in the last match?

Nerineja85: Yes, we lost a lead, but I think it is just a matter of time when we get back where we belong ;) After we tied last round, we started to be even more competitive. We've got great players at every position and the season is long; other teams will eventually get short of breath. We just wait and take the opportunity when it comes.


Smart Spin: I am sure you will do everything in your power to take the first place in the Smart League and also in the Top Scorer competition. Do you have any other goals you would like to achieve this year?

Nerineja85: That's right, I will do everything to help my team achieve the highest scores, that's for sure. I'd also like to improve my multitabling skills, make even bigger volume and if I achieve that, I will be very happy.

I have a few more things not related to poker, but I will just leave it for myself. I don't want to jinx it.


Smart Spin: Poker players love to travel. Do you have any plans to move abroad or are you going to stay in UK?

Nerineja85: Actually, it was always my dream to move somewhere where is warm and grind there. But for the remaining months of 2016, I will stay in UK. Next year, it's quite probable I will change this cold weather to something more sunny :)


Good luck with everything you do!


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14/10/2016 05:41:55

Really cool interview. You worked hard and got there. Respect Bro. About the moving consider Ipanema neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Sunny 12 months a year. Paradise view. And people from all around the world. Check it out.


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12/10/2016 13:50:35

nice nice :) keep it up!

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