Since the January 2020 the VIP DEAL for our most valuable players coming town!

If you made $300K ev+rb profit and played 100K+ games in Smart Spin you unlock the possibility to reach 80/20 deal! 

The deal increases 1% each $10,000 between 300K and 350K

If someone has:
310Kev = jumps into 76/24.
320Kev = 77/23
etc till 350K and 80/20

If someone reaches 100K games while having 350K of EV - instantly receives the cap of 80/20 deal :)

This VIP deal will affect only less than 1% of our players! It's been created only for our VIPs - that's why the rules to achieve it are crazy high!

More info in January!

If you have creative ideas for packages that we could offer let CuAt know!

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