Chrobson got promoted to $100 stakes!

One more Diamond delights our eyes with its brightness

The Smart Spin community is constantly evolving and this is happening thanks to our players who know how to use the resources that we are offering to them.

Congratulations to Chrobson for reaching the $100 stakes! He is now a Diamond player and we are sure that he will catch our attention with his brillance.

The time of truth has arrived! Chrobson is here to tell us the story of the $15,000 made on almost 3,000 games at $60's. Let's see what he has to say about this impressive result:


Chrobson: At the beginning poker was a strange language for me.

I discovered poker 4 years ago during my first year at uni. I had been invited by some friends of mine to watch some Champions League matches and while we were drinking some beers we decided to play some poker. My friends were talking a strange language for me – they were often saying “I have to c-bet” or “I think he has a flushdraw”. At that moment I was convinced poker was a game based on luck. I thought that two random cards are coming to you and all you have to do is to wait for some luck. 


I was almost sure that my friends were cheating me and I wanted to change that situation so I started to search on Google a few basic things about poker and this is how I found some fundamentals, some ranges to play, some different situations and a few things about the hand strength. I was ready to start playing again against them and I was almost sure that I would be successful.

Poker turned out to be my biggest passion and I started to dedicate myself to this game. Meanwhile, I discovered online poker and the opportunity to play as much as I wanted. I had all the freedom in the world. I deposited $10 and I lost them, but I keptntrying over and over again. After the third time I was able to grind micros takes and some low stake MTT’s. I was a winning player, but my earnings didn’t allow me to play something bigger. That was the moment when I read a few things about staking. This is how I found Smart Spin and I decided to join you.


Chrobson: The good thing was that one day I woke up and I told to myself that I will not be afraid anymore of recreational players.

I started by playing $7 Spin & Go’s and this was a big step for me at that moment. I had pretty decent results and I got promoted to a higher stake after 1,500 games. At $15’s I played the same amount of games and I got promoted again. At that point one of your staff members told me that I was doing great and he thought that I will improve very fast, but I knew that only 3% of people were reaching the top. So my main goal became to be a $100 stakes crusher. While playing $30’s frustrations came mainly because people had a different play style and they were not folding to my aggression. I was playing two tablesn simultaneously and I was angry because on both tables I had the same players who turned out to be some recreational players. Don’t get me wrong, these days I love to play with them because they are my main source of income, but at the beginning I was afraid of them because I knew that they were very unpredictable. I started to search for some advanced HU strategy and I managed to find some information given by a Polish HU specialist. In the meantime I found out that he was one of our founders (shame on me that I didn’t know that). I started to review killuifuplay’s hand history, Dan Colman’s playing style and I tried to figure out what was their thinking process in order to implementing the knowledge to my game. I also discovered Doug Polk who is my favorite poker player and I learnt many things from his videos.


The funny thing is that I was playing four tables and many people were asking me “Why are you playing 4 tables at these hours? Do you want to kill your winrate? That people were playing the same stakes that I was playing, but they didn’t move up higher till today. I like competition a little bit more than money and this thing motivates me to improve. When I reached $60’s people were always talking about a big wall of aggression and the best proof is that at the beginning I didn’t manage to have good results there so I had to move back to $30’s for a very short time. At that point I was playing up to 6 tables and this was too much for me.

At $60’s I was playing with the same players constantly and some of them were flaming me - “How can you float with Q high in this spot when your range…blabla), but some of them were friendly and we talked about some interesting things and at the same time we joked a lot because if you are playing with the same people every day you know them more than some random recreational players who you meet once or twice in your whole life. The good thing is that flamers improved my game!


As for my personal life I had a regular job and I wanted to use my free time for improving my game. After some time I started to feel stagnation at work because of the old technologies and some boring projects. Making 4x more money and putting 2x less time made me quit my job and dedicate myself full-time to poker. I just bought Flopzilla, I checked out few hands, I made some calculations and the conclusion was you can’t deceive math, but you can bluff your opponents in spots where they don’t expect you to do that with cool blockers or make them cry and put them in a tough spot.


Chrobson: Spin & Go’s are the ones which help me fulfilling my dream.

Because this is the only format where good decisions count. You can earn money or you can lose it if you aren’t good enough! I am really glad that I decided to go on this road. My girlfriend’s support was the main factor which helped me to reach the $100 stakes. At the beginning I had to explain her that I’m not “Janusz spod zabki” who will play poker after drinking 6 beers and say he was unlucky. The funny fact was that her parents told her that they heard a story about an uncle of a sister of their neighbor who lost his house by playing poker. That is why I had to explain to my girlfriend that I’m a sponsored player with a contract (like a football player). She was very excited when she had opportunity to watch me playing a live short cash session is Spain when I turned €100 into €660 in only 1 hour and a half. Anyway, if I’m talking about Smart Spin I have to thank you guys that I had the opportunity to travel around Europe and to visit a few countries (Greece, Spain and Rome for a few days).


My dream is to win against each Smart Spin member at $100’s (I trapped ytrer yesterday and it felt great). I want to build a passive income, to travel a bit (maybe for a big live event, but I’m unlucky in satellites so if anyone is interested in stacking me and sharing the reward feel free to contact me), work remotely and self-develop my coding skills (coding it’s my 3rd passion). Like I said already I like coding, gym, having a healthy diet (actually I just started both) and playing football (I used to play in Polish A series).

These are the things which define me as a human being and I am proud of them. :)


Congratulations, hero! Keep up the good work and never let go to your dreams!


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18/07/2017 05:55:54

Cool jorney! Well done


16/07/2017 13:57:22

Waiting for you. CuAt100UsdSpin&Goes :D


16/07/2017 13:27:30

"I like to cb" xD

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